What Would You Do With A Nasty...

on 06.23.2000

A while back I asked the question:

From the pic that was on today, we got into the discussion of what would you do if you found a picture, of the person you were in a relationship with, pissing on themselves or some crazyass shit like that? Email me on what the fuck you would do to that person.

And this is the some of the responses that I got:

If I saw my lover pissing on themselves or some crazy shit like that... hmm... I'd put that one on the refridorator!

Then when my parents come to visit or some crazy shit like that, I'd say, "Mom, Dad, whoever the fuck you guys say you are, this is Gerald in his recent film, "Pissing and crazy shit."" Aren't you guys proud of me for finding such a nice young man or woman or both whatever the fuck he or she is?" They'd say "Wow.. thats some crazy shit."
That Very Attractive Actress

If I found a picture of someone I was in a relationship pissing on themselves I would ask them if I could piss in their mouth too. As soon as I was done I would leave.....never to return.
Sick Fucks!


Just think about you kiss that nasty piss-face in turn that makes you a piss-face. Oh man that is DISGUSTING. After a long and trying talk with the person, who likes to drink their own piss, during which i would explain piss comes out of your body as waste and is not meant to go back in as a refreshing cocktail, I would kindly tell the person that:

1. They make me sick (jsut thinking about them drinking their own piss makes me want to spoon my own eyeballs out)
2. I do not believe that their piss mouth has come in contact with mine (for that I will have to kill them - figurativly of course) and
3. Not to be afraid when the men with the nice comfy white coat come to take you for the "spa weekend" you always wanted (they have great rooms their the walls are so nice and rubbery)

Hey you deserve to be in a looney bin if you enjoy playing with your own urine!!!

Can she also shit in her mouth? My sister might want to meet her !! Phillip

Are you fucking kidding me? Is this bizzo for real? I would kick her in the head and give her some protein, like a shit in the mouth.
( o )( o ) Here's lookin' at you. . .

ok the first thing i would do is take a shower, a long shower, and then i would brush my teeth so much i would need a new toothbrush. just knowing i kissed them after that was in their mouth, urgh. then i would go to them show them the pic and probably be totally speechless out of total disgust, for what they did and for not telling me they had done it.

I would send the pic to you, Craz, and then I would run as far away as possible! I like to be crazy, but that's just nasty!

I am a woman so let's say I found a pic of my man pissing in his own mouth.......... I DON'T BELIEVE I WOULD EVER KISS THAT MOTHER FUCKER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to tell you that I LOVE your site. It has become quite the conversation piece in our family, at school and at work. Keep up the good work!!!! So far, all the friends that I have told about Crazyshit.com have bought memberships--they also love it just as much as I do. And by the way, if I saw my husband pissing on himself-- not only would I divorce him, but I would snap a pic and send it to you!!! Again, keep up the good work--you make my days better when I see new pics and media on your website!!


Question , what would I do if I found a picture of the person I had a relationship with, pissing on themselves or some crazyass shit like that that? I really don't know. I might really take some serious shit out on that bitch! Watch out for my wife and that mother fucka. Have you seen Waco Texas? Well you haven't seen a mother fuckin thing until you've seen a lunatic in action since Paul Bundy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well....I beleive i would rub her nose in it and lock er outside my house, naked!
I would also try to encourage all of the neiborhood kids to grope her and chant "dirty-girl, dirty-girl, dirty girl....." until she promise never to pull some twisted shit like that again; but thats just me.....I could be wrong!

ok if he was pissing on himself or worse shitting on himself....that would be it!!! I just dont think i could go on knowing that he likes to piss or shit on hisself!!!!! because what if he wanted me to start doing it to him...orhim to me!!!???eeewwwww um.....no thanks there are plenty more where he came from!!! EEEWWWW no thanks!!!!no peepee or poopin!!!

I would personally offer a tic-tac after I was done relieving myself on them!!

I would make that bitch suck my dick, I'll piss on her face and finally I'll dump her ass.

Crazy whats up love the site man!!!!!!! If I found out my oldlady was pissing in her mouth with out her know I would wait till she sucked my dick one day and then just start pissing in that bitchs mouth(You know you like it BITCH) HAHAHAHAHAHA

If i found a pic of the girl i was with pissing on herself I would probably wake her up by pissing all over her weirdo head and then if she likes that I'd pull my shorts down and take a big shit right on her forehead and if she liked that then I'd definatly have to break up with her cause im not into all that shit.

i would take a picture and send to you to put up on the website-then dump the bitch

i would probably dump their ass or at least tell them what the fuck are you doing? WHY DIDNT YOU LET ME JOIN!??!!?!?!? hahahahha jk. dude your site rocks some serious ASS! i love it! i cant get enough! you have done a great job with the site! keep up the great work, and keep those pictures coming!

man, i'd fucking piss on them and then i'd fucking rub their face in some DOGGGGG-SHIT! and then ask my self why the hell i got with their stupid ass in the first place

i would beat the fuck out of that bitches stupid ass, fuck her asshole, and kick her broke whore ass to the curb

Give them an oral UA.

Well Craz, I think it would be kinda fuct up to see my gf pissin on herself, but ya know. If i found a pic of her pissin on herself, i would just do one thing, next time we're having sex, and i get finished and we're just sitting there, and i get that urge to pee.. you know, like we all get right after we get finished fucking someone, well, i'd just stand up and take a piss on her, and see if she likes it, along with that, pray to god that wasnt a picture of her twin sister or something.. Ha Ha.
peace out craz,

Well if I saw a pic of my wife getting pissed on, Well I would get pissed the she didnt tell me she liked shit like that first, second id probably get sick,Third id start pissing on her then screw her piss smelling brains out....

if i found my man doing some sick shit like that i would definitely end it b/c thats nasty and then i would send the pics to his parents so they can see what a sick disgusting son they have. then i would send them to all his female friends just to piss him off so he can't get anyone in this town again.

i would beat the piss out of them that way they can't fucking do that shit to themselves. but hell i wanna know how in the fuck she shot her piss like that i sure as hell can't.
from, alexis

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