RE: Great Party Favors

on 12.15.2000

Here's the second round to the Party Favor's Questionaires:

For quavaween down here in tampa, I had a best friend of mine come down from d.c. we all got dressed up, my wife and other friends from jax. fla and maryland. We all got real drunk and went to quavaween to see some girls show us tits and drink alot more. When we got back my buddies from jax(n.s.&t.s.) didn't feel like they were ready to pass out, but my friend from d.c (e.h.) decided to pass out in front us on his stomach. So we pulled down his shorts a little bit and poured bbq sauce down his asscrack and then stuffed puparoni in his crack for a dog to eat of it. After that we all got inventive while calling the girls out to watch all of the shit we did to him. we stuff an egg in his crack, then we took a candle in his crack, turned off the lights and lit it and sang happy birthday to him. We stopped messing with him and went out back to shoot off some fireworks. I got this great idea to shoot a firework out of his crack, so i went inside and pulled over the couch and put some wet coffe filters on his cheeks not to burn them and stuffed a bottle rocket in his crack and blastoff. it didn't quite make it out the door and burned up most of the couch and burnt his hat. So if people can beat that bring it on. we also videotaped this beginning to end it is the funniest thing you ever saw.

Let me start off by saying that I am a DJ. I do many gigs in my city and others near by. One evening, I had a Wedding to DJ 85 miles away from my hometown, so I brought my cousin along so I wouldn't go alone. (I wouldn't finish till 1:30 am) So as the night progresses, I get to talking to the Maid Of Honor and spitting game at her. I am Latino, she was Black which made it more fun for me. (OMG! I have a thing for black women)

I had a girlfriend (now my fiancee), so I made t clear to the Maid Of Honor, whose name was Desiree by the way, that I just wanted sex and that's all. She said cool. So I set something up to where she would hook up my cousin with a friend so he wouldn't feel like the 'third wheel'. She agreed. So after loading my vehicle, I drove to a hotel and got a room. She told me she'd meet us there with her friend in an hour and gave me her cell number just in case. An hour and half later, she showed up with 3 other females, one who I recognized from earlier. They had some bottles of Presidente Brandy with them so we started drinking. Anyways, I got pretty fucked up and my cousin took off into the room with the female who was familiar from earlier (That dickhead got the room and I paid, but I was in store for something better).

Desiree was pretty drunk by now and started stripping her clothes off. She started giving me a lap dance and I was getting turned on. So we start making out and the other 2 chicks are there, just looking. One of them looked like she was a stunt double in the Exorcist. She was fat and ugly, but I started playing with her (It was the liquor). Anyways, to keep it clean and make a long story short, I ended up having sex with all 3 chicks. I busted my nut inside the fat girl. After about 30 minutes of finishing with them, my cousin and the other girl came out. About 20 minutes after that, they were leaving. Desiree and I exchanged numbers and kissed. The other girls acted like they didn't know me and just left. (Note To Self: Bitches) When I walked Desiree to her car, the girl that my cousin fucked said the words that haunt me to this day..... "Thanks For DJ'ing MY Wedding" OMFG!!!!! He just banged the damn bride!!!

Desiree and I still remain f*ck buddies. 2 months after the incident, Desiree told me the fat chick was pregnant, she said "It's not yours, trust me." What a damn relief! I'll never gig in that city again.

my freind had to take a shit really bad and couldnt wait to go to the bathroom .so he whent on my sisters bed ,we told her the dog did it ....to this day she still believes us

I once was so shit faced that i pulled down my pnats and pissed on the tv at the party, got the cops and the ambulance called. Set a gas can on fire, shit on the dog and and puked like every two seconds. No lie. PARDY HARDY.

my name is alexis and one time i got so fucked up i mean fucking bad that i let all the guys feel my tits. this one kid chad started it and every guy followed after. to this day i dont remember but i know they got more then a hand full. god only knows wat happened after that.

also this other girl that i really hate erin m. was acting hella dumb so i took my bloodey tampoon and put it in her bear. she is a whore neways and shouldn't be drinking when she is pregnant.

this is gross- this girl i know was soooo obsessed with her ex that she'd do anything to impress him-- including FUNNELLING HIS PISS thinking it was beer! the look on her face after she found out was priceless.

another time, this other girl slept over at someone's house and left her pillow there. About 10 guys proceeded to jizz on the nasty thing!!! she came looking for it a few days later and none of us could stop laughing long enough to tell her it was in someone's attic, out of the way.

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