Revenge Is Sweet, Part 2

on 06.19.2001

The Number 5 Question.

4/19/01 There comes a time in everyone's life, when someone has done something to you and and you want to get some revenge on them. Let us know what you did, whether you served the dish of revenge steaming hot or ice cold. And did you revenge work for you or totally back-fire in your face? And if you have any ideas for others on revenge, you can send that on in too.
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Here's some more on revenge. Craz

There was a friend of mine, were anytime we would have a get together or a party or just out somewhere he would always go overboard with his drinking. He would start fights and become a real nasty person. Mind you that he is a small guy with a big mouth. So one night he got alittle to drunk and he went off as usual so I had to put him in the other room away from everyone one. We were having a great time at the party I threw and as long as he was there, people felt uncomfortable. Thank god he got smashed earlier and like I said, I put him in the other room. After everyone left acouple of the guys helped me clean up and I was angry at him because of the way he acted. Now I am looking at his drunkin ass sleeping in the bedroom like nothing ever happened. I told the fellas how I felt, about always having to cover his ass. So a buddy of mine said to me, would you like to get even with him. You know teach him a lesson. I am not going to hurt my buddy I said and my friend said, were not going to hurt him . Will just play with his head. I listened to what my said about getting some pay back from yhim. Sounded good to me after I heard the battle plan and we all agreed to it. He was so drunk, we took off all his clothing. He was balls ass naked, still lying there not knowing what was going on and my buddy went into the kitchen and came back with the yolks of several eggs in a bowl. Him and I spread his ass cheecks apart and poured the yolks all over his asshole and down his legs. We continued to drink through the night. He woke up and flipped out, saying that there was something wrong. He didnt know what to think. Here he is naked with goo all over the bottom part of his body and totally naked. I said to him, after being so disrespectable to everyone and acting like an asshole, the guy's and I decided to take your ass while you were sleeping. We gang banged that sweet little ass of your's while you were out cold. Man did we rub it in. We laced into him like he was a boot. Now to make a long story short, he was very upset and he left right away. For several days after this occured, he kept asking me if we fucked him in his ass. We was going nuts. I thought he might do something stupid because you could see he was feeling comfortable with himself. Finally I told him what me and the boy's did to him. I told him never to be an asshole at any parties I throw. I guess he got the message because the next party I threw, he behaved himself. I was surprised. If you put a moral to this story. I guess it would be...people who act like an asshole, just might have there's taken. And I am just the type of guy to do it. One thing that puzzles me though, if you got fucked in the ass by several men....would'nt it hurt? Maybe he was a closet queen, who cares.
Thanks 4 letting me share this 1

A few years ago, when I was still married to my ex-husband, affectionately known as "jerk off", I wanted out of the marriage. He did not want to let go. He liked having power and control over his "little woman". My daily chores included ironing everything he wore, including socks and undies. He was in the military, so everything had to be precise. If the irioning was not up to snuff, he would throw all of his clothes out of the closet and drawers and I would have to start all over again. One day when I had just about enough of his bullshit, I waited until he was on a FTX for 30 days, or (out in the field). I knew it was 3 hours out to the site. The moment he left, I turned the refrigerator off, I packed my son's diaper bag, a suitcase for myself and loaded it into the car. I then removed every single piece of his clothing from the house and took them to the dry cleaners. I insisted everything be dry cleaned, with very heavy starch, military style. The invoice, which I did not pay, was 763.42. Next, I took all of his shoes to the shoe repair shop and had them put taps on all of his shoes (the kind tap dancers have on their shoes). I then proceeded to the airport, bought a one way, first class ticket, with his credit card. I parked the car in long term parking at 22.00 per day, for 30 days, with both sets of keys in it. When I arrived at my parents home, I immediately hired a divorce attorney and sent him divorce papers, the drycleaning invoice, and all of the credit cards cut in half, to his office on post, return receipt. When my husband returned from the field, he did not have a single piece of clothing to put on, or any edible food in the house. He did retrieve the envelope from his office, but the invoice for the drycleaning was of no use because I cut off the top of the invoice (which contained the name & address of the drycleaners). He was forced to buy new clothing because he was going out to the field again 3 days after his return. He was not able to locate the drycleaners for over 6 months, which would not return his clothing to him because their policy was that it was abandoned since it had not been picked up in a timely manner.

Needless to say, the whole event cost him several thousand dollars, not including attorneys fees, alimony & child support. He has never remarried, I wonder why?

hey peoples .. im sure u dont give a shit about my name and all that but ill tell u what i did so u can sale it to some radio station disc jockey outta the area in which i live close to so i'll never know he said what i said... to pretend he said it ..to play on the air ..which will make him famous.......if u get enuff of these that is , so ill just save u that time ..and tell u about gettin pissed at teacher in high school .. i bought, took and threw around 70 thousand toothpicks in her yard one night and they have been there since 96 ..she cant do shit about it..cant pick em up cant cut em up..cant rake em up for dam sure.. shes just waitin till they finnaly go away...which they are..but its just funny watchin the bitch sittin on her porch wantin to plant shit in her yard..or at least pick up her newspaper if it lands in the middle of it somewhere...without havin to wear her shoes.....anyway...email me back if your interested and wanna know some more....later peoples

I was engaged to a man for two years. His job moved him overseas for six months. On valentines day I got an email from him telling me that he had cheated and had found someone else. Just try to imagine how upset I was!

He eventually got moved back to the states. By luck, one night I came across him and his new girlfriend in a club that I frequent. She seemed to be a sweet girl. We talked for a while and he excused himself to talk to a few of our mutual friends that had just walked in. That left her and I at the table to chat.

To make a long story short, I took her home that night. We made love for hours. The next day, after she left my house, she left him. I hear (four months later) that she has turned completely lesbian. He is still alone. Hopefully miserable.

So, that is my revenge story. Hope you enjoyed.

I have a van and when in a parking lot, I'd rather back into a spot than pull in so it's easier to leave. When I pulled up and started to back into a spot, a car drove into the spot and parked. Not to be le go that easy, I parked my van somewhere else, changed my 2 year old's shitty diaper, then smeared it all over the shit heads car, then left the diaper in the middle of the widshield.

superglued a guys dick to his briefs while he wsa sleeping used about half the tube... on top of that it was done at church camp.. needless to say I got away scott clear see what happens when you hit me with a lacrosse ball. Thanks
ps he had to go to hospitle to have them removed it is a shame a man needs help to remove his own breifs.

My Piss Ass nieghbor insists on parking his car inbetween my house and his in the strip of patio belonging mostly too us! If this where an actual driveway it might be o.k. It's bad enough that we already live in a small white trash looking moblie home park. He has to add to it by parking one of his three cars, none of which work on our patio!!! He blocks our back door and pins my car in. Please understand I have done everything had them towed away, called the park owners, asked nicely, asked rudely and cused him out when he hit my car. I then took matters into my own hands. I place longs screws and nails into the cracks of the cement and the grass surrounding his cars and our patio. They are hidden well by the small patchs of grass I can't mow with his cars there. Now every time he rotates a car for what ever reason he gets at least two flats. He is to stupid to figure there might be something in the ground. Every so often I go out at night when he is gone and rearrange the screws and nails, so as to assure tha he will continue getting flats!!!

Once this guy took my ruberband then he put me in a head lock after I asked for it back. Suffice to say the next week I was planning on Cold coking him with brass knuckles. Instead I went for the old X-Lax Chocolates...mixed into Chile MUAHAHAHAHAHA...It proved to be quite the hilariouse vengeance.

(That must have been a special rubberband)

Had a neighbor living under us that bitched daily, Boots coming off Baby running always something. One day this asshole cranky loney woman went out and when she did walking We called the towing company to come and remove the car before noon......No guestions asked Told them it was still running but lost the keys. Want it out of here immediately as my Husbands brining home a new car...Thank you......They did and when she showed up the car was gone. Unfortunately no one went to check the scrap yard where it was brought. That cranky fustrated woman now does a lot of walking....................We have since moved out to a quieter place.......

my fiend Kelly met a guy that i liked and flirted with him,so to get back at her i fucked her boyfriend,and were still sleeping together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother-in-law is an absolute fucking idiot. He is beyond annoying. It would take far to much time to explain him. He has spent the last 8 years making mine and my husbands life hell. We went to the library and every coffee house in town and found slightly more than 50 of those little cardboard inserts that come in magazines. The ones that say order 5years of TV Guide and bill me. We filled all of them out with his and his wifes name and address. We quickly watched his credit rating get flushed down the crapper. This may seem silly and like it is a waste of time. It may have been, however, the stupid bugger cannot but a house or the car he's been wanting for over a year. No credit cards for stupid. He can't even get store credit. Ha ha.

My last wife had a very sensitive pussy. She had to wash it with phisoderm or some other soapless product, or her pussy lips would become inflamed and sore. Right before I threw her out I soaked all of the crotches of her underware with dish soap and threw them in the dryer. TIME RELEASED SORE PUSSY!!!

While camping a friend of mine got totally shit face and fell asleep outside his tent. His so-called mate payed two Irish guys to strip him naked and piant the Irish tricolour on his stomach. When he woke up he was understandable upset. That night he sneaked into the then very drunk offenders tent, shaved off his eyebrows and then emptied the best part of a bottle of tabasco sauce into his mouth. The damage was impressive. The skin on the inside of his mouth had literally burned away.

No one knows not even my wife. A few weakends ago my father inlaw came to stay with us, (a bitch all in its own). Well the asshole got drunk and started in on me with all this family drama bullshit and threatened to shoot me, he even loaded his gun. I tried to take him outside and beat him within an inch of Saitan, but my better half convinced me to let it go and he would sober up and cool off. So I did! I let a warm stream of piss go right into his 1/2 Gal of Candian Mist, (Mmmmmmm yummie). The feable old broken down prick never knew the diff. He couldent figure out why I wasn't ready to beat him anymore. The dumbshit thought I had foregiven his drunk ass. BEST WEAKEND OF MY LIFE!!!
Revenge is a dish best served on the rocks!
later KC

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