What Would You Do For A Million Dollars?

on 08.17.2001

The Number 6 Question.

7/10/01 I was willing to bet that people would do some crazy shit for a million dollars and it looks as though I would have won. Below is the first part to a two part series (unless some more people send in more shit). The idea that came up the most had to do with shit and assholes, so I know that your minds are always in the gutter.
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What Would I do for a MILLION dollars!!! Well I would Drink a half of glass of flem (mucus) from other people with the other half of the glass filled with tequila.. and then have a plate of fried cockroach tacos...
<:: mmm..sounds good. ::>

I would get a hose and stick it up my ass, blast a dookie through it, and squirt the shit all over my face. Hell, I do that anyways for free.

dance naked while holding 69 pickles in the middle of minneapolis
<:: creative...why not try that in San Francisco ::>

I would have sex with an extremely fat man for a million dollars (that is if i could find his dick).

I'd fuck a load of men up the ass

Eat the corn out of Orson Wells shit and have dingleberries for dessert!

i would eat a pound of animal or human shit(something with corn or peanuts would be nice) and a quart of warm piss to wash it down

what would i do 4 a million dollars? i'll do ANYTHING, when i say anythin im talkin bout this, if u ask me to go and dance or sing in a funeral well i'll do it, or at the launch period at school, ill prob get nacked and finger my self, i dont know! but ill do anythin, and then i'll go to jamaica, so no1 will know how i got my money...
<:: Really? I don't think you are even old enough to know how to spell (launch=lunch), maybe you should try the "What Would You Do For a Box of Crayons?" questionnaire. ::>

I'd drag my balls over 50 ft of crushed glass with two fingers jammed in my ass, anybodies fingers

I could probably work up the nerve to sleep with Bea Arthur for a million dollars.
T. Sear
<:: I think I am going to gag! ::>

i would eat the corn outta sarah michelle gellars shit!!
<:: people just love eating corn out of shit ::>

I'd have sex with my wife, maybe
<:: ughh the horror...how could you? ::>

Masturbate on the riot police at the next G-8 summit. Buck naked with a billyclub up my ass.

I would eat a 300 pound womans asshole while getting tagged from behind by a 9 incher for a million dollars

For a million dollars I would have crazyshit.com tatooed on my ass.
<:: Now that is School Spirt!!!! How's about for $100 ? ::>

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i would naked, dance the macarena with a banana in my pussy and a baseball bat in my ass, in front of the president while singing i can't fight this feeling. is that worth a mil?
posted on: 10-11-08 @ 4:24 PM