What Would You Do For A Million Dollars? Part 2

on 08.23.2001

The Number 6 Question.

Here's the second part to the million dollar question.
7/10/01 I was willing to bet that people would do some crazy shit for a million dollars and it looks as though I would have won. Bellow is the first part to a two part series (unless some more people send in more shit). The idea that came up the most had to do with shit and assholes, so I know that your minds are always in the gutter.
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First I'd tell all of my friends to fuck off because I would be too rich for their asses then I'd throw my dog off a bridge with a leash tied to him and hook the other end to a passing car. Next I would call the cops and report the license plate of the fuckers who killed my dog. Then I would sue their asses and get another million.
<:: somebody has some issues to deal with. ::>

i would shave my head with a cheese grater.

For a million dollars I would allow you guys to come to my house, and paint me, take pics of me, then put them up on your web site!
<:: once again, how about for a hundred dollars? ::>

i would smear miracle whip on my ass and let ravenging packer fans throw wet bologna and cheese at my ass while singing the natinal anthem of china backwrds also while milking a british chicken
<:: that's extremely weird ::>

You know those joke birthday cards where you see the big fat woman on it? I'd let her have one night with me to have me be her love slave. I'd do anything she wanted(as long as she took a bath first!). I'd eat her fat ass out with jelly, whatever! It would all be up to her!!!

I would eat anything you put in front of me. From ass to sucking the snot out of a cuban's nose until his brain collapses.I would have sex with any farm animal.I would do anything imagainable.I would stick whole objects inside me,even you.
<:: I think he/she deserves an "A" for effort ::>

dress up in a snail costume and everytime I came near to a zebra crossing I would lie on my belly and slither along it. I feel this would realy piss the drivers off!
<:: We are not liable if someone gets their ass run over trying this! ::>

i would be willing to burn a building or 2, possibly i could go on a rampage in a tank or something like that. or even cover my body in chunks of raw meat and go into a cage with a few lions and tigers. mmmmmmm..... sounds like fun doesn't it
<:: Ok, the first two I would do for free! But, the third one you should get a million dollars, that way you can pay to get your ass sown back up. ::>

kill two monkeys while fucking a rabbit in the ass and sucking a dick at the same time
<:: The animal rights wackos (PETA) would sue you for a million dollars ::>

I am an attractive women, but I DO have a few extra pounds. I am in graduate school for physical therapy and we as a class do a lot of sports together (intramurals). I would show up and play a whole entire soccer game butt ass naked and masterbate in front of everyone if we won! What the hell? I'd laugh all the way to Costa Rica baby. 27 and could think of more,
<:: If you can think of more...please send it on in! ::>

hey craz.. it's ace here.. i tell ya.. for a million skins.. i would bend over.. get the fattest mole i could find and get the bitch to lick my arse for 21 and a 1/2 minutes.. then kiss her.. probably go down on the mole too.. mite even munch the dags of her fat arse for 2 mill
<:: uck...talk about bad breath ::>

i would eat rosanne barrs pussy
<:: I just lost my will to eat...ever! ::>

I would amputate one of my own testicles.

id be the official tampon installer & remover for all the soroities on any college campus

For a million dollars I'd fuck a dog!!!
<:: The sad part is that there is people that do dogs for free. ::>

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