My Nightmare Of A Date

on 11.20.2001

The Number 7 Question.

10/19/01 Ok, we asked you for your worst date, and you spilled the beans. I have gotta say, reading some of these nightmare of dates kinda makes me feel a little better about myself. So let these people's experiences be a lesson to us all. And if you get the feeling like you might want to share a terrible date story, just email it to us. crazyshit@crazyshit.com
Worst date ever, huh? How about this. I took this girl out and the date was kinda lame to begin with. All we wound up doing was sitting by the lake and eating popsicles. I took her home and felt that we probably wouldn't see each other again, but I had to go in for a kiss to see if she would do it. When I moved in, she asked me the most fucked up question any gril has ever asked me on a date. "Have you ever eaten another girl out?". I started to think that this may get a little interesting here in the car so I responded with "Uh..yeah...and I've been told that I'm damn good at it, too." Here comes the fucking kicker. She then says to me in a totally disgusted voice, "So you mean that I have to kiss you now knowing that your mouth has been on another girl's pussy??". I looked at her with the blankest stare I have probably ever had on my face! I rolled my eyes and told her that she had COMPLETELY killed that one with a fucking quickness! I reached over, opened the car door, and told her to get her fucked up, no-pussy-giving ass out the goddam door! I have NEVER had such a dumbass question HONESTLY asked of me by a female..EVER. Needless to say, that was the end of that. She probably would have been a lousy lay anyhow!!! HAHA!!

He picked me up in his truck, and we drove around. He stopped at the store and got a 6-pack of Bud. He then proceeded to his house where he went inside for a minute. He came back out and asked me if I'd like to ride around some more. We drove around for a few more minutes and he said "I have to stop by my friend's house". We stopped and he went inside and left me in the truck for 15 minutes. I found out later that night that the entire time we were together, it was a drug deal! A drug deal! He asked me out and then took me riding around to sell pot! AUGGGHHH!!!

At 17 I Was in love with a busty and very sexy 17 year old, after several dates and some cheap wine, we decided to have sex in the front seat of my 56 Ford on an abandonded air strip in South Florida. Fearing our discovery in a compromised state of dress, we merly exposed the areas needed for the copulation.

Later that night as I took her home and walked her into the house to a room full of relatives, we found that we were both bloody from the waist down.

I picked up this girl at a club that I was at. I was half-way drunk already so my vision wasn't too good to begin with. We headed to a motel for a good hard romp. We get there, start the foreplay. I reach up underneath her skirt to fondle her a bit. What I found stopped my fuckin heart...I was holding a FUCKING DICK!! All I know is I left out of there without even paying for the room. I just broke the fuck outta there as fast as I could!!! BLAHHH!!!!

My worst date ever was with this guy I had been dating for a while. We went out with a bunch of his friends, and he decided to drink more than a case of some ICE beer all by himself. The night sucked, so I got pretty drunk too, and so we just went to sleep. I woke up thinking I had sweat a lot, eventhough it was 40 degrees outside and damn cold inside too. He woke up wondering why the mattress and his clothes were all wet. It took us about 5 seconds to realize he had pissed the bed! Imagine a 21 yr old that still wets the bed?! I had to spend the whole rest of the day cleaning the mattress, the sheets and all our clothes to get rid of the piss smell. Ughh, that was the absolute worst time I've ever had.

well first of all his car broke down and he rode a bike to my house and asked me to drive and all my friends were there. then we go to dinner and he farted so hard he shit his pants and sat there the whole date and then got into my car and like this. Finally he said can you run me home cause i have to change my pants cause when i farted i shit on myself. he sat like that for 2 hours and didn't say nothing. How gross!
later tina

Took this girl rock climbing,half way up yhe mountain she shits her drawers,literally shits. Date over back we drive to the city 2hrs .no talk .no look.no shit.Get her home she looks at me and says >> YOU NEVER HAD AN ACCIDENT << DATE FROM HELL AND THATS NO SHIT
PS she hangs out in a bar I go to and she hit on me again, after the shit eposode,I could not believe it

I could smell her stinkin cooch as soon as I picked her up. It was enough to gag a maggot.

We were supposed to meet at movies. He was an hour late. All of the movies had already started. When he finally showed up he was totally drunk. His pants were unzipped with the front of his underwear hanging out and he still had on his golf shoes (which is where he was when he remembered he had a date with me). He stood in the parking lot and took a piss. Then, he bumped me in the ass with his dick and told me he could fuck me up the ass. I said no thanks. When I got in his truck the whole floor was covered with empty beer bottles that he had drank while driving over. Took me to a bar and he drank a shit load more. I made him take me home. When I got out he tried to shove his beer soaked tongue down my throat and bit my lip so hard it left a bruise. I think the asshole might have had a drinking problem!?!

I went out on friendly date with a guy from my unit.(Army) I made it very clear to him that he was not having sex with me. During the course of the night, he had a few drinks. He tried to tell me he was to drunk to take me home. He wanted to know if it was okay if we checked into a hotel so he could sleep it off. I agreed. Needless to say, I stuck by my word. I kept my clothes on and watched tv. (He was gross) Twenty minutes later, you could clearly hear the people next door having sex. He asked me if that turned me on and I told him that it took alot more than that. He said he felt like jerking off. He asked me if I minded if he went into the bathroom and wacked it. I told him he could do what he wanted with his dick as long as it wasn't on me. He didn't get up from the bed. I had my back to him and all of a sudden I hear skin slapping. (He was wacking it right behind me!) I wouldn't turn around because I was in shock!! I actually started to laugh because I couldn't believe the situation I put MYSELF in. He asked if I wanted to watch a freak like him jerk off. I said no thanks, I'll pass. He came and fell asleep. He didn't even get up to wash his hands or wipe up!!! What a skeevy bastard! He woke up about an hour later and asked if I was ready to go. Ready is not the word! I didn't speak a word to him as he drove me home. As we reached my house, he said, " I had fun, I hope we can hang out again." I laughed in his face and said "yeah wait for my call." I'm an asshole for even getting into that situation in the first place. I told all the guys in my unit what he did. Everytime he passed, the guys would make funny sound with their cheeks that sounded like someone beating their meat. Thry started calling him Slappy. The freakshow transferred shortly after that.

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