My Online Love, Part 2.

on 04.15.2002

After the first part, I think more people have actually found love online that anything else, except for the guy and his troll...
I met a very nice guy on the internet about 3 months ago. I really like him and he really likes me, but he lives in Florida and I live in Missouri, so we just talk ever night like best friends. I can tell him anything and he will give me advice on what to do. i really love this person and I hope I will meet him sometime.

Hooking up online is not much different than intros you'd get from anywhere else in the 'real world,' the only difference is, its MUCH easier and MUCH faster. Go to any 'serious' singles site, put up a good profile, some good photographs, ALWAYS be honest (bullshit travels faster electronically than it does in open air), and without the muss and fuss of bar and club noise, you WILL score, easily, successfully, and very often with a real prize too. As with anything else, you can get your mix of psycho bitches and ice princesses, however, as with ebay or amazon.com, if you spend a little bit of upfront time conducting your reading and research before you make your move, very often, you'll be very pleased with what you score. I've read lots of articles in magazines ranging from Maxim to Playboy and all points in between, bemoaning the ineffectiveness of online singles sites, and all I can say is that the authors of these articles must be trolls who sent out formulaic intro emails.. if you do it right, your head will spin with just how easy it can be.

I met a guy from California (i'm in canada). He came here, I went there.... Didn't work out, but was a great experience. I'm currently working on a hottie from Alberta. Wish me luck. lol

I have gone out with four ladies I met on the singles net ads. All lied to some extent in their ads....age,married or not, body type(average body does not have an ass that would cover two chairs!), used 15 year old picture. Three are forget it after one date(especially the wideass). One lady is great. Sorry! I answered you quite seriously. Joe

i met a girl online late one night and we started chatting. a few days later she said that she wanted to see me in person. she lived over a thousand miles away. so i flew to see her via free plane tickets. i was kinda sketchy at first and when the plane landed i was thinking "what the fuck am i doing?" but i got off the plane and she was there with her friend. we went straight to a keg party afterward and i got caught in the middle of a beer throwing fight. it was a fucking mess. all we did was get fucked up, it was a blast. then the weekend was over so i had to go back home. i came back two weekends later and all we did was get shitfaced and fuck the living shit out of each other, it was badass. no nightmare stories from me!

I was on Match.com and met my wife there. I was 45 and recently divorced. I decided the bar scene wasn't for me, so I 'advertised' on line. So did she. She was 1 year younger than me, never married, and I was what she wanted, and visa versa. (By the way - she is a successful attorney and I am a biomedical engineer and department director at a large hospital.) We've been married almost 2 yeras, and still haven't ever had a fight. Good luck to all!

I'm 27 & in california, shes 21 & in florida. so far ive flown there once & shes flown here once. shes one of the sexiest women I've ever met. both weekends were pretty much a round the clock sex-a-thon. not just that but she can drink more then most of my friends. as of now i have a flight booked in june to go see her again & shes got one booked in july to come back.

I have actually met quite a few people off the net, one I am now flatting with, and I have had 2 relationships. One was with this guy Tim. He was a junkie for doing wierd exciting things, like white water rafting and flipping himself so he was underwater then took pictures of himself.... underwater. Very wierd. But as an extra surpise he was also a virgen... at 26... and didnt tell me, thanks dude, worst sex I ever had and smallest penis I have ever seen. Didnt last long. The second was a guy who wanted to met people over here (NZ) as he was moving over here from the USA. How can I resist a sexy accent, anyways lucky me he was a virgen too. but by choice.. bloody christions. so sadley that didnt last long either. (BTW he had the biggest penis I have ever seen) Other from those people most others I have met have been very very very wierd.

I've met lots of people off the internet. Some bad, some good, some I'm still friends with. The most recent I met in January. I'd known him online for about 3 years, but through another guy who's ad I answered, so we didn't really talk too often. We decided to meet after talking on the phone a lot this past December. He had to fly here from North Carolina because there was no way I was flying to meet an internet guy. We hit it off totally. We've met on two other occasions for 5 days at a time and he's planning on moving here to be with me for good. I totally believe in internet love!

I received her photo over the net and proceeded to drop my account, turn off my computer and threw the whole fucking thing down three flights of steps in my building. Went back upstairs and gouged out my eyes with an ice cream scoop. Now I kind of miss that horrible troll. Hell now I miss everything. The blind bater. Olga, you hideous love beast, if your still alive e-mail me.

If you meet someone online, get together, break up, then they send you an email with a computer virus, does that count as a sexually transmitted disease?

I met somone on line and we were talking for a while. I lived in Florida and she lived on Long Island New York. My Grandmother lived in NY as well. So I decided to visit and we agreed to meet but when I got to NY the bitch ditched me.

I was just a struggling 23 year old girl lookin' for love in all the wrong places, so I put a personal ad on-line. I got a bunch of bad responses, but then one day I got a response from a "34" year old lawyer! I'd always joked with friends that I needed to find a rich older man to fulfill me. He seemed well spoken in the emails so I agreed to meet him. We met and he was actually attractive, 3 dates later he asked me up to his place. It was a huge house of course with all the amenities and I was lovin' it (although my '74 yellow Volvo sure made a racket coming up the hill to his house, not to mention looked pretty offensive to the neighbors). But we had fun doin' it on the pool table and in front of the big picture window and in front of the floor-to-cieling mirror in his bedroom. He schmoozed me really well...wined me, dined me, 69'ed me. I was into it, he seemed into it. I thought it may even work out for long haul. Then I found out after examining his driver's license that he was actually 46! (He must have stock in Oil of Olay) He explained he lied because he didn't want me to run off and that I was so special that he didn't want to risk losing me over an age difference. I was so touched I let him do me up the ass that night! (I finally trusted his feelings for me and all, ya know...) The next morning he bought me an Egg McMuffin for breakfast and sent me on my way. (He'd "call later") I never heard from him again, he never returned my calls. I decided not to hunt him down or stalk him or anything like that. I just accepted my fate: That I'd been fucked up the ass by a lawyer for the first time in my life. Growin' up his hard to do!

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