My Online Love, Part 4

on 07.15.2002

Ok, here's the last of the last. So enjoy and maybe these will make you feel a little better about yourself.
I think i wrote you guys about this before but Im not sure. In 1999 I met this guy online who lived in NC. We talked for several months and ended up deciding that we loved eachother. How that came about I have No clue. I wasnt online for that kind of thing. Anyway, He ended up coming down here to Texas and we hooked up. He was hot and he thought I was too...everything worked out and we're still together 2 yrs later and planning to get married.

I've met 4 people from the net so far. The first was a guy who lived about 65 miles away. We talked for about 2 months, on the net and on the phone, then decided to hook up. Two months later I finally met him, and I was ecstatic. The second meeting ended with the loss of my virginity. I saw him again two times after that. We broke up a little while later and I was so mad at him that I told him that I wouldn't care if he died. I never wanted to talk to him again. Well...that was about 5 months ago, and just a couple of days ago, we started talking again. I'm in a very healthy relationship now, however, so there is no chance of being anything other than friends. The 2nd person I met was a guy that lives like 20 minutes away. I talked to him online for a while, and said that if he ever met me, to bring me a Dr. Pepper and M & M's. Well, we were bored one night, so he came over. And kept his promise. He stayed for an hour or so, then had to leave. We've been out of touch for a while, I'm not sure what happened. The 3rd person I met online was a girl, I gave her the directions to my house and she came and took me back to her place for the night...It was kinda weird, yeah. Haven't heard from her in a while either. The 4th person I met on a poetry site. A friend of a friend type of deal. I surprised him in a chat room one day, he saw my web site, sent me a couple of emails, and invited me to a concert. I decided to go, just to check it out. I had no clue what he would look like. All the others had given me pictures, but this was a pretty quick arrangement. He arrived, and to my surprise and relief, looked pretty fine, and we went to the concert and had a great time. I met up with him a few weekends later and we went to the movies. We just didn't seem to click very well though and I haven't heard from him in a few weeks. From my experiences, I'd have to say that offline love beats online love anyday, seeing as I'm in a happy relationship with someone that I met offline now.
Anonymous Internet Junkie

I was chatting with a guy online for a couple of months. He said he didn't have a photo yet, but said he was dark, young (17), cute. I'm 20 so it sounded about right. We finally decided to meet, in a public place. Well I get there and a man approaches me. I try to ignore him till he says "Hey, it's me, [screenname]". He was at least 30 years old. I almost gagged. He asked what was wrong. Like I couldn't tell he wasn't cute or 17? Loser. I mumbled something and hurried off. I ignored him online and blocked his emails after that.
I'll never, ever, meet anyone without seeing a photo and being sure it's them on the photo as well.

My mother met a man online during a Diablo game. They met, fell in love, moved in together, and he is now my step father.

I decided to browse some personals online and met 3 people. I always met them for lunch so that there was always a time limit (in case I didn't like them). The first two were duds but the last one was Mr. Right. I met him for several lunches and a dinner. Even when I moved out of state and we continued to see each. We were engaged 6 months after meeting and we were married a little over a year after we first met. See you can find anything online... including a husband.

one time i arrange a meeting wiht a person named silkysue online in a chat room. i meet her at a nearbye 7-11 one night.We got to talking and she seemed nice so i asked her if she would like to see my house she aggred and we went to my house.We sat on the coutch and i turned on my TV to find a reminder from my ATT cable program for a porn i order earlyer and forgot about getting embraced i went to the bathroom to think what to say and do next.After what seem like half a hour i walked out to find cloths spread out on the floor and the bitch was butt fucking my pet dog with a 12in. strap on watching the porn i orderd.I ran up kick her in the tits and threw her down the stair she only broke one arm but the real problem is that my trails for rape and assulate and batery are next week .....DAM DOG....

well i met someone
he said he was blonde
with blue eyes
but when we met
he was wearing this cap
and i did see that he had blue eyes
then we went to the cafe
his contact came out or something
coz i saw that he had one brown eye
and i removed his cap
and the dummie had brown hair
what a stupid idiot
he didnt think i'd find out
what a stupid freak

I met a guy online recently, but because i did not trust him at the time, we arranged to meet at my workplace. He was such a cutie. At first he pretended like he didnt know who i was and i felt like a complete looser, but then he said my name and i knw he was kidding. so far its going great i hope ,hes everything i expected and even more- hes super funny. the only problem is the trust thing w meeting someone offline you dont really know who they are and what to expect...

Well I've met sever women that I have chatted with online. Some were freaks, but for the most part they are generally looking for the right man to be with. I have met and had sex with some of these women, and am currently seeing one of them. Although I do not feel I will eventually marry her, I am having fun with it and am getting to meet more and more people to be friends with. As for the freaks, well, we can say that they were just wierd.

Ok so i meet this guy a couple years ago.. we talked alot online and a few times on the phone.. one of the topics we talked about was "sex" how could you have guessed?? anyway i told him that i had never been made love to before..and i would also tell him when i did come to meet him I would get naked and get in his bed.. he told me he would make love to me and show me what it was like.. to just come see him..we exchanged pics and talked and countuined talking alot . well one night me and a friend were out and i called him on my cell it was about.. 2:00 am..on a wensday and told him i wanted to meet him. could i come over.. he said yes he would leave the back door to his appartment unlocked.. well i went over about 3:00 am and walked around to the back door. and slide the door open there were no lights on the appartment.. just the lights that were on the radio.. i feeled my way to his room.. and stood there for a minuite trying to get my eyes to adjust to see if i could see anything. i was nervios .. well anyways i got undressed. lifted up the covers and crawled in bed it was a warter bed so it was hard to get in unnoticed.. i grabbed the covers and got real close to the edge of the bed. i layed there for just a few seconds and he rolled over and put his arms around me.. and said " such a beatiful women laying next to me and I don't even get a kiss goodnight." so i rolled over and gave him a kiss.. and we made love..it was awsome and we have now been together for 3 years. and planned to get married

I met what seemed to be a nice souther guy in a chatroom one fateful wed.morning and I started talking to him. He lived in Texas and I lived in Florida. Eventually I broke down and arranged to meet this guy in his vacation. When we met at the local pool hall I looked for him and all I saw was this cowboy hat over at the bar. "Scott?" I called over Before he even turned to look at me I walked on by him to a friend I saw over at another table stealthily averting my face. Not only had his pictures been airbrushed...THEY WERE AT LEAST 10 YEARS OLD! MoFO was in his late forties and I was only 19 at the time. He still e-mails and is under the delusion that I had to go to Boston on urgent buisness......clueless SOB

We met on irc, talked to each other for over a year...and then met "irl" and dated for 6 months...then got married.

I once got a phone number for a prostitute from someone I met chatting online. The woman who gave it to me, supposedly, likes to have sex with men while her husband watches. I wasn't into that, so she gave me Lisas' number instead. As it turned out the prostitute was retired. Since I was about 15 years younger, she was divorced, and probably bored and lonely. She made an exception for me, and I had several encounters. Eventually, I moved away and haven't seen her since. I also have seen another prostitute since. One other thing, it only cost $50 for a blow and a fuck. please correct any spelling errors

If people say you can't meet decent people online, they're wrong. I have been talking with a someone online for over 5 years and we have the best relationship. We have not met yet because of different things going on in our lives but when we do meet sometime in the next year, we are going to get into a relationship. We basically known everything about each other, have seen each other's pictures at different occassions and have talked on the phone many times. Talking online for so long has shown us that we're "the one" for each other. =)

im 17 ..met a canadian girl called lisa ..we are meeting in july and guna have a real good time and lots of sex..she is very sexy and i love her..thankyou and goodbye

i dont think i would ever trust anyone online enough to actually meet them..come on most guys are on so they can cyber...is that the kind of guy you would want to meet...

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