Sex: It's Your Stories, Part 1

on 09.09.2002

This is the questionnaire about sex. Wether it was bad, good or just plain ole' scary. I think I have learned a lot more about sex from these peoples experiences. Especially not to beg for a blow job. Enjoy.

One day my boyfriend (now my ex-boyfriend) begged and begged for a blow job. Finally I gave in and gave him one. And I wasn't very happy about the whole thing. So when he was done blowing his load I proceeded to kiss him and you can guess what happened. Let's just say..... I DON'T SWALLOW!!!!!! He never asked for another blow job.

so me and my woman are goin at it pretty good one night. a few days earlier she had fallen and bruised her tail bone pretty badly so after a while she started to complain that it was starting to hurt. i asked her is she wanted to stop but she said no and to just put a pillow under her ass. so, as i'm i placin the pillow she lifts her ass off the bed & POW 'cause the muscle contractions or something blasts me one in the face w a loud ass queef that i couldnt beleive. we sorta looked at eachother and just laughed. every now & then when we're goofin around i'll grab her arm or something & stick my face against her & blow a big one & we laugh our asses off again.

During my many years of sexual experiences, one time sticks out in my mind the most. I was 20 years old at the time, and my boyfriend and I were hanging out on a hot summer day. Instead of going to the beach, I suggested going to my aunt & uncle's house to go in the pool. Well, no one was home and we both hopped in the pool. One thing lead to another and soon we were "doing it" in the pool. I wasnt naked, I just slid my bathing suit to the side, and wrapped my legs around him. About 10 minutes into it, my uncle appeared out of no where. I quickly jumped off him and started swimming and going under the water to ease my nervousness. We were both unbelievably embarrassed and I know he knew what we were doing!

My date and I were getting it on in his dorm room. I was being quite loud. The next day people in the hallway were smiling at us, giving my guy slaps on the back and saying things like "way to go man". Not knowing what they were talking about, one of his friends came up to us and told us that the noises from the night before were loud enough for all to hear. I was so embarrased...

When my boyfriend and I were still living with our parents, it was always hard to find a place to have sex. So, one night we took his truck to a baseball field. I was ready, skirt-no panties. As I was bent over the bed of his pickup, all of a sudden there was this blinding light and a voice over a PA system saying "step away from the truck". It was 2 police cars, the cops were laughing, I was frantically trying to get my skirt down while they are asking me if I'm okay and if I wanted to be there. Hell yeah, I did, I was almost "there"!!

My boyfriend and I live in NYC, there arent many private places to have sex, so we decided to become creative. We were in the train station and i got a urge to have sex, so we went into the tunnel and inbetween the uptown and down town sides on the trains were a little platform with lockers, probably for the men that work there. Mind you this is a dark area where no one can see you, and no one goes. All of a sudden while im leaned up against the wall with my hands up and my boyfriend hitting it from the back, and train man (MTA worker) comes and says, "Whoa sorry, good spot huh? I had my girl there last night." My boyfriend and I were so embarrased but after he said that we finished then walked back out to the platform and acted like nothing happend.

ok... get this... my wife and I are super sex freaks. Ive got a vasectomy and she is always hot and horny. So, for one wierd night, we got involved in a 3some with my oldest and best friend. Now, we did everything on the straight side, my getin some oral, him hittin it doggie style. To avoid any pregnancy, he decided to pull out and instead of shooting it on her back, he shot me in the eye. Even though the 3 of us are as close as can be, a shot in the eye from your best friend aint too cool.... :)

I went out with a co-worker of mine who is gay to his kind of bar. We stayed for a bit then went to get dinner somewhere. I met this guy there that I took back to the gay bar with us. I ended up going home and having sex with him. I was kind of drunk and not thinking. The whole time we were having sex, I was calling him my gay friends name.

I invited this chick over to my apartment to drink and get stoned and to fuck. Well, she comes over and we're having a blast getting lit up, when, out of the blue, she asks me if I ever wondered what it was like to be a woman. I'm thinking, I know I don't own a strap-on, and she didn't bring a purse to hide said strap-on, so, what the fuck. I told her that yes, I fantasize about it all the time, trying to be sarcastic. She tells me to get naked while she took her clothes off. We lay down on the bed next to each other and she starts rubbing her clit. I try to do my manly duties and go down on her but she pushes me back to where I was. She puts her fingers on that place between the balls and the turd cutter and moves them in a circular fashion and tells me to concentrate. I'm thinking this is a little weird, but what the hell? right? after all this chick is pretty hot. I concentrate and she keeps moving her fingers faster and faster. All of a sudden, I bust a nut all over the place, and this is the best orgasm I ever had. I think I woke the neighbors the way I was carrying on screaming and moaning. She never touched my dick that night, and after all the screaming, we enjoyed a bubble bath with candles lit, listening to Enya and smooth jazz. I think this chick made me gay.

I have been dating this guy for over a year now. I am the wild one in the bedroom. I have had past relationships where I got my ass beat, hair pulled, face pushed into the pillow, etc. Needless to say I love it. Along comes a guy that I fall in love with, but the sex is not as exciting as I am use to. Through instructions and asking him to do things, sex is on the uprise! Well here is the kicker: after a night out we come home to my house, start stripping off our clothes, and started to get a little crazy. He bent me over, entered me, grabbed me by the back of the head and I mean pulled my hair! Well I started to black out and could not breathe, I was actually seeing stars. As I am trying to pull forward out of his hold and attempting to say something along the lines of "STOP", he pulls back even harder and screams, "Yeah baby, how the fuck do you like it now! Yeah, you want it pulled? Huh? Is that good for you?" I finally was able to pull away, and I started crying. It was so scary! As a physical therapy student we had to test for occulsion of the vertebral artery in the cervical spine before attempting to do manipulations of the c-spine. Well in class I was the example for the test, and I had the same result from the hard hair pulling experience. So there my poor wonderful boyfriend is trying to step things up, and he had me in such a position that he almost caused me to have a stroke! I still love him, and we laugh about it today. He pulls still, he just has me speak every so often to make sure I am still with it! ha ha

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man your crazy XD i read all em XP last one chocked me most.
posted on: 06-11-07 @ 3:37 AM