Sex: It's Your Stories, Part 2

on 09.17.2002

This is the questionnaire about sex. Wether it was bad, good or just plain ole' scary. I think I have learned a lot more about sex from these peoples experiences. Especially not to beg for a blow job. Enjoy.

Got nailed in a porta potty.. Yeah I know I am a sick fucker

I was at work, and my girl came in to see me. Well she decieded to give me an after noon treat and started sucking on the knob.. While she was under my desk, my boss came in and started talking to me about the previous night when we where at the strip club.(working late) what was I gonna do. needless to say she left me with a bad case of blue balls...........

Hey Craz!
Love the site.. anyway.. Funny you bring this up now.. me and my girl where into it heavy.. I mean curly the toe nails good shit! Well, we where getting rough with it and I slammed my head into the wall.. knocking myself out! Well, if it was my house this wouldn't have been a problem but we were visiting her parents house for the weekend and it woke the whole house up plus I had to repair a nice head size hole in the wall! try to explain your way out of that one!

I one night was banging the preachers daughter in the driveway. The next day while in the teachers lounge a woman came up to me and said you look different at 1:00pm than you do at 1:00am; I asked what she meant and her reply was I watched you banging Lois in our driveway; by the way nice cock.
Robert j

I was shaggin my bird and she had been orgasming for about 10 minutes and i was just about to empty my tank when she said that she was gonna do all these different tings to me but my cum was on the way and just as my girlfriend pulled away to suck on my tool i squirted my load all over the floor and she was really angry an said that i was shite anyway and stormed ut of the house

Woman and aging... it sticks.
While trying to "impress" by sweety. I pull my pants off and jumped on the couch and spread my legs so he could see my hot spot. He said " you have lint or something stuck to yourself"... it was toilet paper! When you wipe front to back, you leave a train behind.

I was just getting ready to enjoy sucking some fine pussy when my girlfriends mother walked in and saw my head burried between her daughters thighs. My girlfriends mother was more surprised than me and shut the door in a flash, while I continued my dining experience without losing my big hard on.

My Girlfriend has just gotten out of the shower and had on a bathrobe... We were ate her parents house and nobody was home. I was in the living room watching TV when she came out and started to get frisky... One thing lead to another and the next thing we knew, my pants where down and she was sitting in my lap and we were having ourselves a really good time. Then to both our sprise, Shock and Horror, her mother and father came in. We didn't even hear them pull into the drive way. Well aftyer the first wave of terror past over us, My Girlfriend was still sitting in my lap and I was still inside of her. Her father sat across the room from us in "his Chair" and her mom sat at the end of the same couch we were on. Jul;ia (my girlfirend) was never one known to go by the rules, so while I sat there talking with her dad, She kept moving around just a little and she have VERY good Muscel Control... Well it was not very long before I was ready to let loose... She could feel me getting ready and increased everything she could to bring me over the edge... Well It worked... After things calmed down a bit, I was able to tuck everything back into my pants and Julia got up off of me and said she had to go finish getting dressed. Her dad started to talk agin about going fishing, and all I could think of was I just screwed your 16 year old daughter (I was 17) right infornt of him and his wife and neither were none the wiser.... Once we Left the House that evening... All we could do was Laugh and Laugh... And We had not even gotten thru the field in the back of her house before we had found a nice quite spot by the borrk and had some of the greatest sex of our lives....

Me and my girlfriend where at a party and drink as shit.There where people all over the yard and in the house.The last car in the driveway was a flatbed truck.We got up there and started in on the sex.They had to make a beer run.That truck was the last one in so they toke it.You know the rest.
I still like to do in crazy places.

When I was dating my first boyfriend of three years......we went swimming in a pond at his family reunion at his house. So when we were finished......we needed to get cleaned up. So I went in the bathroom first. He came in with no one noticing and we took a "great shower". Then I got out and he hid in the closet in the bathroom. His aunt came in right after I did to take a dump. So he had to stay in the closet. He got out after that.......I think the thrill of being caught was the best.......the bathroom was right off the kitchen where everyone tends to gather at a party.........

I was fucking my girl one day, and we were gettin in to it. We were fucking in every position thinkable. I had her on her back, I procedded to push her legs behind her head. I was still inside of her when all of the sudden she let out the huge fart. I got this look on my face like what the fuck just happened. I started to laugh so hard that I lost my fucking siffy. The funny thing was she was trying to blame the fart on me.

well, me and my girlfriend at the time took the metro (subway or underground), and it got stuck in the middle of the tunnel. we were the only ones in that car. and when the driver announced on the intercom, "sorry, but we won't be able to move for another 15mins." my g/f and i looked at eachother weird, and we screamed out saying we have time for a quicky! so, one thing leads to another right... but then, not even 10mins later, the metro starts off again. but with this crazy strong jerk. i litterally went flying and hit my head hard on a pole on the bench. all i'm glad about is that i passed out and i didn't have to endure the hundreds of people's disguested faces coming in at the next station seeing 2 naked women RUSHING to get their clothes back on and trying to ignore what people might think of what we did to pass the time while the metro got stuck. but guess who was stuck putting back not only her clothes on, but mine as well. not to forget that dressing up dead-looking people is not the easiest thing to go fast at. well, we both learned from it and i won't be doing shit like that again that's for sure!

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