Sex: It's Your Stories, Part 3

on 10.07.2002

This is the questionnaire about sex. Wether it was bad, good or just plain ole' scary. I think I have learned a lot more about sex from these peoples experiences. Especially not to beg for a blow job. Enjoy.

Well this guy was trien to go down on me, I didn't want him to though. He still insisted on touching me so I said STOP!. I had a stomache and he was making me really uncomfortable. as soon as he was down by my vagina I let out the biggest ripper, causing him to gage. Then he slapped me, and I havent talk to him since.

My ex wife was giving me head, and i fell asleep and started snoring.Then she woke me up by hitting me and started crying.That was when i figured out she was no good at suckin. J.D.

I convenced this girl top give me a b.j. sitting in the car I told her no one could her. A man pulled up along side us to ask directions as I was telling him his wife got out of the car and walked up to the car,what she saw was my cock in the woman's head going up and down. She screamed and ran back to car.They left!!!

One of the best times was when i talked my 2nd ex into letting me fuck her up the ass, the kicker is we were in my truck in the parking lot right next to the entrance of the chinese food place we hung around at.Noone ever saw us even as they walked right next to the truck !!

I was doin my girlfriend & we were really gettin into it. Pretty soon we were doin doggy style. But her dad came in, & we didn't even know it! He snuck up behind my bare ass, waited for me to moan, then stuck a fuckin screwdriver handle in my ass, man! It hurt! I just grabbed my clothes & ran to my car naked, him yellin at me & holdin a shitty screwdriver.

i have a story about one of my buddies,he was laying on the floor while his girl was riding him . after she cheesed him she got up to go to the bathroom,he looked down and there was a half a brat laying on his chest.:( she treated him like a litter box....meooow

A buddy of mine was telling once, that he was having sex with a girl he used to date when she started saying "ch... ch... charlie..eeee" he stopped real fast and said "Who the fuck is charlie?" She manages to say "hor.... horse! I thought that was some crazyshit! well last night acutally i was fucking this girl and i was like You know you liek it rough and she yells but and i thought she meant put it in her but when infact she was going to say but it hurts to much.

was second year in college and went on a date with a girl "from town" not a student, and was nervous. We were in the back row in the dark in a movie, and I boldly tried to kiss her. While we were in that first great kiss, she burped. She was so freaked out that I had to take her home.

It was after my junior rpom, and my girlfriend and I were both losing our virginity. We parked in a dark alley, and proceeded to get it on. I was going down on her, she's coming all over the seat, and she's taking my pants off at the same time. As I'm hovering over her, one knee on my seat, one knee on her seat, carefully avoiding the gearshift, and trying to put the condom on. Just as I start to put it on, I DROPPED IT! Between the seats of my little toyota!!! I kept rubbing her clit with on had, and fishing around under the seat for the missing rubber. Success! I found it, and as I pulled it up, in the dim light I could see some dirt, a stray hair, and a petrified McDonald's french fry all stuck to this lubed Trojan! I used it anyway!

had two hot babes all over me and could not get it up cause of some "go fast" I did a little bit earlier :(

well, I was very young and on mushrooms. Lots of them. So having sex was already rather strange. I was with my girlfriend at some party upstairs in a bedroom. When It was time to explode she wanted it all over her tits. Well I squirted her in her eye and she cryed, " it burns!".

After drinking beer an eating Hot dogs at a late night picnic.My lady friend (at the time) Was getting a little horny. Her way of letting me know the she wanted a good fucking was to pull my cock out and have me skull fuck her.Well this time the deep throat went a little to deep an gagged her.The end result was me with my cock out with little chunks of hot dogs splatterd all over it.Needles to say I was highly pissed at the time,But now every one that was there has a good laugh when it is brought up. The funny part about it is the girl ended up getting married to a Meat Cutter in our local meat market

one time i was having sex and intsead of cumming in my mouth i turuned my head and he came in my hair.

lol well um me and my girl was grtting our grove on (foreplay) because she takes a lonng time to 'get wet' and then i was getting tired of trying ....didn't have any lube...so i told her limme jus like force it in there....then she laughed and said 'ok' so i tried forcing and forcing ...then i finally got it in ..then when i started.... all we heard was 'pop' and i didn't have on a condom so i didn't know where that noise was coming from so i pulled out and all i saw was BLOOD!!!!...for a secong i thought it was her but then when i wiped it out my dick kept bleeding......i got ripped that shit hurt soo much that i cried....i had a big gash there for a while until i got cured...she jus laughed at me and said damn i though that just happens to girls ..... i felt like killing myself cause i was embarassed and in alot of fucking pain!!

Hmmm......my wife and i were bored on night and we were both really horney. So we wanted to have a lot of sex, but we wanted to make it more exciting. It was about 10 p.m. and of course it was dark outside. My wife mentioned to me that she had never done the wild thing outside....sooo....i was happy to ablidge. However, to make things more interesting we decided to do all this at the public pool. We skinny dipped for about an hour and my wife gave me a blow job underwater. Then we had sex in the pool and everywhere in the pool area in which you can imagine. Diving board, locker rooms, pool decks, you name it we did it. It was more fun than embarrassing (cause we didn't get caught)!!!!!!

well one nite i was horny as hell...so i walked outside and acted like i was dumping the garbage. it was a couple guys outside so i made sure i put on the shortest pair of shorts on. so this one guy i know came up to me and asked me to use the phone.so of course i let him in...in more than one place!!i screwed him so good...i made him first eat me out and i sucked him off and he came all over the place(10 mins)

I was having sex with my girlfriends sister while I was very drunk. I slipped out and went to put it back in and jammed it into her ass. It was her first time, of course she screamed. So I pulled out really fast and two giant logs of shit spilled onto the bed. Needless to say, she jumped up, grabbed the shit with her bare hands and ran to the bathroom. The worst part about it was about a hour later she asked "Do you want to do it again". Yeah fuckin right..

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