Sex: It's Your Stories, Part 4.

on 10.23.2002

This is the questionnaire about sex. Wether it was bad, good or just plain ole' scary. I think I have learned a lot more about sex from these peoples experiences. Especially not to beg for a blow job. Enjoy.

i used to live in a college dorm room with two women, I was dating one of them, she and I skept on the bottom bunk. needeless to say, we fucked like monkeys all of the time, while the roommate was in the upper bunk. she pretended to sleep. I didn't care, and proceeded to be as loud as I wanted to, talking dirty, etc, it was fun. after i broke up with my girlfriend, the other roommate was on me like white on rice. apparently her roommate bragged about my abilities. man, i miss college !

I was with a previous girlfriend and we were having sex. I sweated that much that it ran off my forehead and ran into her eyes. She screamed and i yelled yeah baby, not knowing what actually happened. She shoved me off and waited a minute. Then what topped it off, was when we started again, I started to druel. Before I could catch it, it driped down on her nose and onto her lips. We never had sex again for about a month.

i remember this one time i was bangin this chick in a field that was right next to some houses. i was hittin it from behind when all of the sudden she starts screamin and hollering. the lights start goin on in the houses, so i try to cover her mouth, but she just bit my hand and then started screamin again. so i tried to cover her mouth again, this time she started chewing on my fingers, while screaming. but it was a muffled scream so i guess it was not as bad as the yelling.

I dateed this girl a few years ago who loved for me to piss in her pussy and then she would press it back out onto me. it was so exciting. I'm the type of person who can concentrate and pee with a massive hard on and still keep fucking. If you can talk your man into this I'm sure you both will love it. It cleans right up.
p.s. put plenty of towels down before you start !!!!!!

Most Involve being caught f..ing my boyfriends.. The worst? My dad walked in in me fully doing doggie style when I was 17 in his house. He came home early and I am sure he must have thought I was being attacked I'm a screamer and this guy was giving me something to scream about. I'm 26 and still can't fully look him in the eye.

my most embarrasing that happend to me was that during some wild sex my ex boyfriend peed all over me after he came it was soooooooo gross! i dumped him directly after that !

Okay so I was comming home from a party with my current boyfriend we passed through this big gorge that has a very long old railway tunnel in it (this is in the north of New Zealand) so we decided to stop take a hike and walk through the tunnel. we were getting up to the tunnel and I suddenlly ahd a great Idea I turned to my boyfriend and wispered to him "so have you ever had sex in a railway tunnel?" After that it was all on, we got halfway through the tunnel pitch black, wet, slimy and everything else and got halfway through the act, problem with this was that this paticular area is a huge tourest spot so on either side of us he had 2 big asian groups approching us taking photos in the dark and what not I started to freak out that we were goinna get caught so we had to stop. by this time however we were real horney and had to get it done properlly somewhere so on the way home we stopped off at a corn field (wich has been my fantasy for ages) and did it in this huge corn field. That was probibally the best "sex day" I have had *grins*

Hey....Me and my now husband were "gettin' it on" for the first time at his apartment. To make a long story short, I had built up so much pressure for him (by making him wait a few hours to "get off") that when I finally completed a great handjob, he shot off so hard that he came in his own eye. It was red and irritated all day (the eye, not the penis). Ahhh. Happily ever after......

this one time i was at my friends house and she asked me if i have ever dyked out. i told her no, and she took me into her room and went down on me! it was incredible, and then her boyfriend fucked me, and then he fucked her. i think she turned me bi.

I was fucking my X-girl friends little sister and she had asked me to come into her house to have sex on a comfortable bed. Thing about it was that her parents were right next door and her sister would be home soon, but I said fuck it. As I was fucking her, we heard a car pull up ..yep it was her sister (my x-girlfriend). To make matters worst her parents had woken up and they were pounding on her door asking why she kept banging the wall. Well, long to short, I ended up sleeping under her bed until her parents went to back to bed and her sister was sound asleep. Whats funny is that just to piss the little sister off, I called the older sister to talk and she mentioned that she thought her sister was sexually active becase she had found cum stains all over her pillow and bed.

One night I was with a friend of mine and this girl (friend of his) having some beers and smoking some pot at my place..there was this other couple that had just left, so it was just the 3 of us, half drunk, half stoned, I barely knew this girl, but I could tell she wasnt too smart and that she was the i'll-fuck-if-you-ask-me-to type...so there we where, sitting in my bed, watching tv, and my buddy had the abso-fucking-lutely great idea of asking this bitch, outta the blue..."why dont ya let us see your tits!", but she didnt like the idea much, bare in mind the the 3 of us where just in our underwear and a t-shirt...(but she didnt wanted to show us her damn tits!)...I dont know how, but 3 minutes later she was taking off her bra...a few minutes later we where so stoned we werent talking anymore...we where just lying there...and my hand began moving towards her pussy...she didnt say a word, she just layed between us, then I slid my fingers inside her, every step mentioned took about 10 minutes...no word from her either, just a little moaning maybe, and im sure my friend wasnt sleeping but he said nothing, suddenly, this bitch, pretending she was asleep, turns around, her big ass facing me, with only this little thong, at that moment i couldnt care less if it was my friend or my grandmother in the other side of the bed, so i got my cock and deftly and swiflty introduced it in her pussy...BOY IT WAS WET!, so then, pretending she was still asleep, whe began to move...suddenly! my friend woke up...looking for his boots, cause he had to leave...both of us, me and my dick! hehe..no, me and this girl pretended to be sleeping in the most innocent spoon like position...but under the blanket, but underthat, she was pretty much "impaled"!, we just froze...until my buddy found his missing boot and left...after we heard the door closing, I blew my load and she let out this contained screem...after that one...we fucked in all imaginable positions until 9am!

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