Sex: It's Your Stories, Part 6.

on 12.03.2002

Ok, this is the last one! And we're off the the next question.

u want to know wat happend ? ok here goes well one night i was talking to my bf on the phone and i heard a girl adn then my bf goes shhh so i say who the fuck is at ur house? he said no one then i hearohh yea so i slam down the phone and race over ad is ee them fcking and he still ahs the phone say ing nicole nicole so i break open the window and climb thru and start to punch teh bitch who by the way was my best friend! so mean while my EX bf is sittin teher jacking off while watching us fight tehn we both got disgusted and started to beat him up but he still jacked off then he stuck his dick in my mouth when he bit m,e cuz my motuh was open cuz i was in shock! well i bit it hard and he started to bleed all 4.5 inches of it was purple lol well after that i went ot the courts and filed a sexual harrassment charge on teh 2 of them. they gt hitched and i am happily married and we live in a huge house becuz i wont eh settlement which was for 300000 dollars! ha i am so gald i dumped him when i did
(n,r agian

i fucked a guy who after he fucked me fcked his mom! i was so disgusted i sued his ass for assult and won 2.3 million dollars ! tahts right tom im tlakin bout ur srry ass!

once when i was at the bar with my friend shannon (male) we were getting really horny so we went into the bathroom and started to get really wild..he had just put his dick in when someone pounded on the door i just told them to go away and htat i was sick, and it told him to keep going, so he did. after the sex (15 minutes) i gave him head, and when we left the bathroom there were about 12 people in line and they all sooooo knew what was going on in there. oh by the way we are now dating.

This is for real!: I couple of years ago (1997) I was chatting on line, (I live in Peru) and met this girl from Japan, we went into a private room and talked from 12 midnite to 4am in the morning...all straight talk, no sex or anything, so we became friends, from that moment, it was like emails everyday for a month, then, suddenly, one day, I was having dinner and the bell rang...someone tells me 'Hey, a girl named K....' is at the door...OMFG!!!! This girl had flown all the way from Japan to Peru???. Well, the thing is that eventhough she was japanese, she had been on holiday in Colombia, so she decided to 'drop by'...Anyway, she was in lima...Awesome experience...great girl, just turned 18. So she stayed home, 2 weeks had gone by, and we started talking about drinking, she insisted that she could drink more than I could...I dont drink that much either...so I said.."Ok...lets make a competition"...and she noded her head with a big grin!...So we went to this hotel 10 minutes away from my place (why not my place? at that moment I lived with my granny and brother)..so we bought a bottle of Absolut Vodka an a gallon of orange juice...so we got there and began drinking, by midnite we were half drunk...and I had this dumb (but effective) idea of saying "lets start a game...you take one piece of clothing, ill take another..." after some mumbling...she agreed...15 minutes later we we´re butt naked and I had this huge hard on...the room was quite dark, and she was just lying there..Dont ask me how but she began to perform the most amazing blow job...I reached I point were I just had to fuck her...but when i was taking the condom out of its wraping it fell (somewhere)having no time to waste..i opened another one (2 out of 3)...I put it on and heard the most incredible thing " Please...be careful...Its my first time..."! OMFG!!!!, but it was too late...and as I introduced my shaft, I heard (and felt) this 'plop-plop-plop' sound...after I finished, I stood up and saw this huge stain on the sheets! I couldnt believe it! I actually popped this jap's cherry!!! I have to admit it WAS an awesome experience (it was my first...cherry poppin experience too!)...when I decided to go after my third...I realized I had no more rubbers left...and at that moment, our main concern was pregancy..(STD's? no way! She WAS a virgin! JA!) So I said.."ok..I know a way we wont need a rubber!" So I turned her ass around...and bam! I was butt fucking her! (it was my first butt fuck too!) She didnt complain! and seemed to enjoy it pretty much! It was great..the next morning..we woke up...as if nothing unusual had had happened..she gave me a great morning bj! and we went to the movies at 2pm! we went to see Brasco!

Well I met this kid Chris through my best friends boyfriend and he has a girlfriend of three years. Well one night we were all drinkin at Johns house and me and Chris were waiting for them to go to the store and as soon as they hit the door we started going at it on one of Johns couches. Well little did we know they had came back and everyone was trashed and my girl stormed in the apartment and went straight to the room. Her boyfriend on the other hand turns the lights on and stands there watching us, he was so shocked and didnt know what to think or say. Lets just say we havent had anymore public encounters.

I was jacking my boyfriend off under the covers...when he felt he was going to come, he pulled the covers off of him and tried to point his dick towards my stomach, but he miscalculated his aim by a few inches and instead shot come all over his face!...(needless to say it'd been a while for him, thats why it shot so far) After that I would jokingly call him sharpshooter all the time.

I was at this chicks party and me and my guy wanted to have sex. So we search around the house for a place but all the rooms were full! We decided to look outside and found a van that was unlocked. We hopped in and got right down to business! 'Bout 10 mins later the chicks dad opened the sliding door and yelled, "Get your pants on and get the fuck out of here!" Turns out we broke the seat on the rental van...

ok here goes, it was teh most embarasing thing but it was he bst. ok me and my guy was gettin it on the one form college( last one from me lol) anyways we was fuckin in the car when a cop came ot the window sayion teh car was bouncing it was teh best sex but me and my guy got arreseted our parents had to make bail and when they found out why they were pissed tehy said we couldnt go out anymore but who gives a shit wat they think by the way im 20 and live at home i know it sux but me and him are gettin our own apartment much to our parents dismay.
lol luv ya craz
N.R i have the best stories duncha think haha

My ex was at work one day ..he was an er nurse...anyway they get this call from the ambulance and the driver is lauging and says they will be there in a couple of minutes and they all gotta see this to belive it...when they get there there is one stretcher and 2 patients on it..a man and his new wife. Well the doc goes over and asks what is going on and the freaked out woman says as she is crying hysterically that her husband was begging her to try anal sex...she gave in but her ass muscles became so tight because she was so tense that he could not pull out...the layed there for about 45 min and she just got more upset as the minutes went by..she kept screaming call 911 and her husband kept screaming are you crazy...no way..well it all ended with a call and after giving her about 30 minutes and a muscle relaxer they were finally free...omg how embarassing

My girlfriend and I were on our way back from a day trip....we were on I-95 near Daytona when she decided to blow me while I drove, great idea huh! Now after I came it was her turn, so she drove and I had her pants off and eating her and playing around when she notices the blue lights in the rearview mirror. The cop came up to the window and proceeds to chew us out for doing this on the road, her pants were still off and she had covered up with a wash cloth. Luckily he let us go and after we drove off laughing our asses off we pulled over and we fucked like crazy.

My boyfriend and I went to a park one night to "fool around." Everything got hot and steamy after a little foreplay. Once we got into it, we decided to go all the way. So we are having full on sex now when a cop comes up to the car and opens the door while my boyfriend was still inside me. We are ass naked and the pig was flashin his bright ass flashlight in our face. He told us to go elsewhere--that was the funniest shit ever to happen to me during sex. lol.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
This story is sooo old, I was working as a DJ in a r&r club in the 80`s and I was spinning some tunes when the band came on and I went down out of my DJ booth to get a beer. This girl walks up to me and asks if I would do a shot with her? I said ok and we pounded a few Kama Kazi`s, She asked me if I wanted to dance and I usually don`t but, She was looking real good. We danced a bit and went to the DJ booth. I had a trap door on the booth that was raised up in the center of the room like a donut. We started messing around and she was getting naked and started riding me, We had a great time and she got me off real fast. She asked if I would walk her to the door and I said cool, We got to the door and everyone was staring at us the entire walk through the club? I kissed her good bye and when I walked bsck in everyone was asking how do you know that girl? You don`t know her? I said no and they proceded to tell me it was Taylor Dayne! I was like no way? and I went to the door and walked out to see a tour bus leaving and it was Taylor Daynes bus! I was the envy of the club that night and everyone knew I had nailed her and I was KING from then on. What a great time to be alive.
posted on: 11-20-07 @ 3:39 AM

^Ummm......oooookkkkkk, sure you banged Taylor Dayne......uh huh, right.
posted on: 10-06-09 @ 7:13 AM