Bar Stories From The Bar Stool, Part 1.

on 01.06.2003

This questionnaire is all about what you have witnessed at your local watering hole. And I think we definitely have a couple great stories below for ya. And if you can think of any story you would like to share, just drop us a line, here.

ok so this one time i was at a bar and they were having a blowjob contest..for those of you who are stupid, a blowjob is a shot taht the guy sticks b/w his legs and then the chick takes it with her mouth..well the guy was on a couch and then thechick was dancing around and then she took off pants and there are like 200 people watching and then she proceeds to dance all slutty and flash the crowd and then she took the shot and then undid his pants and gave him a real blowjob till he came allover the place needless to say tehy won. i cant believe the bouncers didnt stop it. it was insane crazy. so cool tho. JH

once when i was at the bar i was grinding with this guy and then he undid his pants and no one could see cause it was dark so i gave him a handjob right htere ont he floor and then this hot chick came along and started to fondle my boobs and then i put my hand up her skirt and banged her and then the guy took us both into the bathroom and fucked up it was incredible he went in and out so fast and we all came all over the place....insane fun times at the bar!

a few friends of mine and myself had been drinking ,and having fun all afternoon,we stopped off at the local tavern,sometime later in the early evening, the place was crowded with a mixed crowd of people who were probably doing the same as we were, the place was noisey and everyone was having a real good time. It didn't take long and i found myself at the bar talking to a pretty good looking lady who was sitting at the bar on a stool. we got into some good conversation and before long i had my arm resting on the back of the barstool and my one foot resting on the bottom rail. before to long i was kissing her and not just pecks on the cheek we were really getting into it, soon my arm was resting on her leg and my hand was up under her skirt, my fingers were playing around between her legs and i could feel her getting wetter and wetter. by now i was hard as a rock and wanting more, i said to her why dont we get out of here and go someplace where we can be alone,her response was i cant, i said why not and she said do you see the guy over there by the wall,the one talking to the guy in the blue shirt, i said yea, she says well hes my husband, i damn near fell on my butt right there. i said what!!!! thats your husband and we are here like this ,she said were allowded to do what ever we want here but not allowded to leave the bar with anyone, needless to say i finished the night off by hand. and a very shocking experience

ok so i was visting my old lady over there in ft lauderdale & one night we ended up at this s&m club. so we're just kicking & drinkin & checkin out the the freaks geeks & fruit cakes in drag. well its gettin late & we're thinkin its time to go but,i had to make a pit stop at the head first so as we're goin over to that part of the club some chick is layin on her back on the floor while some pale white in a thong is givin head to this strap-on shes wearing & shes askin some one to start smackin this dude's ass w a flogger. well after a bit of coaxing my woman grabs the flogger & sets to work makin this dude scream. well turns out shes doin it a bit too hard & on the wrong part of the ass insted of the lower meaty part, thus after a bit of coaching from another misstress she really sets to work makin this dude sing for his dinner. it was quite a show, a few ppl even gathered around to watch the spectical then afterwards the misstress made the guy kiss my lady's feet, well her boots anyways.

Alright dude, its not that crazy but at one of those super packed college bars I hit on a chick while pissing practically right on her.. I ended up dating her for a while..it was a pisser.. Later..Tim Wantagh,NY

Old Story --- when I was stationed in Fort Knox, KY, we use to go to this bar outside of Louisville on Dixie Highway. One night, these two BillHilly's got to arguing and each was threatening to kill the other; when all of a sudden one of them reached for a pistol under his coat. He forgot an important rule of gun safety and it fired BEFORE he got it all the way out! He shot himself in the (Sorry, not in the gonads)foot and started screaming like a little baby!!! Now that's some good clean fun (except for the blood all over the place, the cops showing up, and the bar closing early)

I have quite a story that happened to happen 2 years ago almost to this day. I was out with my friend and my girl friend and we were all having a drink and my friend was single at the time, so we were all trying to get him a date. After my girlfriend, who is now my wife, helped my friend meet this beautiful girl, we all hit it off pretty well. We came to the bar every friday night and shared drinks together in a double date type situation. A few weekends, stuff got pretty damn crazy at the bar. People were all over each other, and after having a lot to drink, my friend and his new girl were going so far that the girl's pants were down, here's were it got bad, immediately with her pants down, we saw something wrong, the girl, was a dude!!! My friend saw this and shoved her down. Later "she" apoligized several times to my friend and my friend gave her another chance. Believe it or not, this "girl" ended up marrying my friend and they are a very happily married gay couple. We still go to the same bar every night together, but now it's 3 guys and a girl...Imagine what could happen next.....

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yeah fuckin right! ^^^^^^^^^^
posted on: 10-04-08 @ 12:09 AM

school kids tales , what a load of bullshit .yea and this girl who was a boy who was a man had a gun up his bum shot a midget in the foreskin ,true story....
posted on: 12-02-08 @ 6:34 AM

but it wasn't a midget it was a little person
posted on: 12-02-08 @ 6:44 AM

with a cowboy hat on and riding a white horse shouting rebaa rebaa underlay underlay
posted on: 12-02-08 @ 6:46 AM

but he was a carpet fitter
posted on: 12-02-08 @ 6:49 AM