Off To New Zealand And Australia For A Bit.

on 01.08.2012

Any of you Crazyshitters from New Zealand? Or visited there? Why do I ask, you ask? I want a bag of kiwis and a pet kakapo, BITCH!... Just playin, however, on a serious note, I really do love them hairy fruits. Not as much as numberonefan loves them hairy fruits in each eye with a dick running down his nose, ROMAN HELMET, but well leave that for another day. Anyways, back to the point I was trying to make before I got distracted by whatever it was that distracted me. Im going to be visiting New Zealand from the first week of February till the 26th of April.

With that said, Im gonna be doing a lot of fucking travelling. My plan is to start from the bottom of the south island and work my way north.  During my misadventures Ill be taking a vacation from my vacation to vacation in Syndey, Australia for a week or two, or more. The entire time Im traveling I intend on couch-surfing, hitch-hiking, wwoofing, camping, etc... to make my way across the amazing New Zealand and Australian countrysides. I want to see and enjoy them places like I live there. When in Rome, do as the Romans.

By a show of hands.  How many of yall found the image of numberonefan wearing a Roman Helmet erotic? I knew tgarner, bigtalk, rodgtard and straticus would.

What kinds of crazy shit can I get into out there? What are the must-do things there? Im already planning on doing some skydiving, rafting, hiking and panty-raiding, a lot of panty-raiding. How about the scuba diving out there? Should I get my scuba certification before I leave? Let an anglo know, woot woot!

So, where does the true essence of New Zealand lie?  Is it in the volcanos, Fiorland National Park, Doubtful Sound, Bay of Islands, experiencing Maori culture, Mount Cook, the glaciers, Kiwi women, Kaikoura, Tongariro National Park, etc...? You get where Im going with this. What do I need to do or where do I go, to get the best experience out of this quarter-year excursion?

While on this holy-epic-unscientific-debaucherous expedition of the southern hemsphere Im still gonna be participating in making the USS Crazyshit a better place for degenerates such as...well...yourselves. So if youve got some input for me Id love to hear it. Hell if youve got something insulting to say Id love to hear it too, as long as its witty! On that note, Im done writing to you people! Keep it classy Crazyshitters, see ya back in the states come April 26th.

Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i live on the gold coast in queensland since 1994.. this is fucking gods country.. do not waist your money in sydney on the lame fucking habour bridge and all that shit and the women are fucking snobs and couldnt give a rats bout a tourist.. come up here and i,ll meet up with ya for half hour at a coffe house or somethin, and point you towards the good shit to do .. gold coast women are hotter than anywher else because of our beach lifestyle, ive got some pretty good contacts that will keep ya steady and float,n, your loss if you leave the gold coast out of your travels .. just google it and have a look and get back to me if you want to know more bout this joint, my experience in travelling is all about being prepared and also who you know..suckmaballs !!
posted on: 01-08-12 @ 2:49 PM

ill agree with downunder about sydney being a bit of a shit hole, with the people being the rudest, but you’d have to go to say you’ve seen the harbour bridge and opera house, going around sydney on the ferries between manly beach and stuff is amazing, and also bondi beach is pretty iconic and awesome. gold coast and queensland in general has the most laid back lifestyle or what you’d picture australians to be. if you come down to melbourne, you’ll get the best food and great culture. but i’d pick going to qld over melbourne (my home) any day. in nz. the south island is more scenic than the north, but the north is much more cultural. in the north you’ll meet more maoris who are fucking awesome people to chill with and have a beer. make sure ya do white water rafting and skiing.. awesome!
posted on: 01-08-12 @ 7:04 PM

Good shit comin down under, All i have to say is look at the statistics :D nationmaster/graph/lif_can_use-lifestyle-cannabis-use
posted on: 01-09-12 @ 11:27 PM

Henry M.
Thanks for the info y’all, I greatly appreciate it! I’d definitely like to hang with y’all while I’m there. My travels may turn into 4-5 months, I only have to be back in the states from July to mid-August. I’ve heard only positive things about Australia from all my friends that have been there. Can’t fuckin wait to get out that way!
posted on: 01-10-12 @ 6:59 PM

New zealand is good, thus why i have never left, that and being poor also doesn’t help. :) fiordland is great if you’re about sight seeing, otherwise i would have to suggest just skipping nz... theres nothing that fucking wonderful here - except me of corse. cheers.
posted on: 01-16-12 @ 8:09 AM

Henry M.
Yeah dude, I plan on hittin Fiordland. I’m all about checkin out all the natural beauty there. I’ll be there about a month on the north island then to OZ for about a month then back to NZ for the south island.
posted on: 01-23-12 @ 9:42 PM

Never seen the picture refering to Henry. But fuck you anyway, don’t know how I got throwed into that mix!
posted on: 02-06-12 @ 3:26 PM

But have a nice trip anyway BIAAATCH!
posted on: 02-06-12 @ 3:38 PM