Checkin In From New Zealand!

on 02.24.2012

Ight, so heres my first check-in after being abroad for two weeks.  First and foremost the internet over here sucks fuckin ass.  Some places you buy 50MB for $5, or by an hour and up to 60MB for $3, or an hour for $2, but the shit is as slow as fuckin dial-up, and then you have the free internet at the libraries in some towns, but I cant get on Crazyshit from them to check anything cause its a naughty website! But other than that, this country is awesome so far.

So....Auckland is pretty cool, I sat around there for 4 days when I first got here. Met some interesting people at the hostel, but, the coolest dude I met was this Maori dude Banjo. I met him on my way back from Mt. Eden, Maungawhau in Maori, where I went to check out the sacred crater, Te Ipu Kai a Mataaho. He had his head tatted up on the right side with traditional Maori ta moko, shit looked intimidating as fuck! But he was, no bullshit, one of the nicest people Ive ever met. We bullshitted for a while, went back to his joint, he cooked me some food and gave all sorts of info on Maori culture, politics in New Zealand, gangs, etc.... Solid fucking outing in Auckland, fosho!

After getting drunk too many nights in a row in Auckland I decided it was time to hit Paihia up in Northland. So I did that, and the first night there me and some of the crazy Irish and English folks went out and got pretty blasted. Good fucking times, nothing like hitting some of the most beautiful beaches youve ever seen with a ragin fuckin hangover! But, I gotta say, the views from the beaches there are fucking amazing. Lots of cool nature shit as well, that Im not gonna bore you with.

Next up was Rotorua, after spending five days in Northland it was definitely time to leave. So I spent like eight hours on the bus from Paihia to Rotorua. The country side here is fucking amazing!

The first thing you generally notice about Rotorua is that it smells like working in an office with Jay, like a giant fart! But, thats cause of all the thermal warming lubricant used...I mean activity going on there. Theres geysers, boiling ponds, boiling mud pits, squirting chicks, etc... all that with the added aroma of Jays ass! Mmmmm mmmmm BITCH! But yeah, real cool joint, I cant say it enough about this country, its fucking beautiful here!

After five days there, Im here in Turangi. Waiting for the weather to clear up, which it should by Saturday, so I can go climb me a volcano and do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. That volcano would be Mt. Ngauruhoe, Mt. Doom from the "Lord of the Rings." Should be pretty fucking dope.

If you guys are interested in seeing any pics from my trip Im gonna start a thread in the forums and throw them shits up on there some time in the next day or two. If you guys want to know anymore info about the places Ive been to, let me know. If you know any places that I should hit, hell, let me know. So, until next time, keep it crazy fuckers!

Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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