The Tongariro Alpine Crossing!!!

on 03.01.2012

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing was probably the single most amazing fucking thing I‘ve ever done! The pictures I took of it can‘t even begin to do it justice. The views in every direction are absolutely amazing, especially at the actual crossing. From there you‘ve got a clear view of Emerald Lake, Red Crater, and Blue Lake off in the distance. Then you‘ve got good ole Mt. Ngauruhoe, A.K.A. Mt. Doom for you hairy-footed Hobbit fucks! That‘s one cool looking volcano, a damn-near perfectly symmetrical cone. A volcano that I plan to conquer prior to my departure back to the states.

So, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a 19.4 kilometer, or 12 mile, tramp, or hike. Most people start it from the west and finish at the north, the apparently easier way to do it. We, obviously, did it starting from the north and finishing at the west end. It was a bit rough, it was probably a good 9k going uphill to the crossing. I gotta get my ass in better shape before I climb Ngauruhoe, fo‘sho! But it was well worth it, as you can see from the pics I posted. If you haven‘t checked em out do it NOW! Dammit!

I went with a couple friends, we went at our own pace and met up just past the crossing. They decided to go back the way we came and I was like "fuck that, I ain‘t tryin to see the same shit again." So I continued the rest of the way through the trail and saw some fucking amazing shit. I got to the end and, obviously, didn‘t have a ride waiting, so I hitch-hiked the 45k back to Turangi. I gotta say, that was probably the easiest thing I could‘ve ever imagined for never having hitch-hiked before.

I started walking out of the park toward the highway, at least 7k, and got picked up by some Israeli backpackers. They gave me a to the highway where I got out and started heading north. I only walked 5-10 minutes before catching another lift. That put me about 10k closer to town. Another 5-10 minutes of walking and I got a ride from some German backpackers all the way back to Turangi. Fucking simple as anything could possibly be. Absolutely fucking lovely! I wouldn‘t hitch-hike in the states without my trusty 45, here it‘s super fucking chill. I love this fucking country!

So, if you haven‘t got the hint yet, VISIT NEW ZEALAND! This place has fucking everything!  From beautiful beaches to alpine mountain ranges, amazing fiords to volcanoes, etc... you get the point. Stop sitting on your fucking asses and get out there! The world‘s a dope fucking place, don‘t waste your life sitting in one place! Till next time fuckers, keep it crazy!

Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Hey Henry ! Be hard to top all that climbing shit on the gold coast here .. Hopefully you’ll have all that out of your system before then and ready for a slower pace ..maybe you can try climbing some gold coasts babes tits .. Lol call us when evs, alls ready here still .. Kirk out
posted on: 03-04-12 @ 8:41 AM

Lmao... its like waiting for a bus hitchhiking here in nz ;) if another tourist doesn’t pick you up you can guarantee an asian wanting directions will.
posted on: 03-23-12 @ 5:56 PM