Iraqi Pics

on 05.11.2004

Well now, it has come to my attention from our editor and chief here at crasyshit.com, that there are some pansy ass cry baby spunk-heads out there breaking his balls over the pics of Iraqi P.O.W.'s he posted here on the site. Well I'll be damned, it never ceases to amaze me that no matter what you do in this world, there is always going to be some pussy out there who is going to cry foul. If you are reading this, and you know that you are one of the spineless, chickenshit motherfuckers I am talking about, than by all means, cry your ass off and send me your hatemail. I'll be sure and print them off and keep them by my toilet just in case I run out of shit paper. What would you bunch of yellow coward candy asses have posted here? Maybe some really nice pics of how wonderfully those Iraqi bastards treated our guys, or maybe you would prefer we posted a detailed explicit story from one of the many U.S. female soldiers on how well they were treated after their gang rape by the Iraqi bastards that they surrendered to. No, you whiny ass little wimps would rather just sit back and bitch. Now please donít get me wrong, Candy Ass.

I am in no way condoning the mistreatment of prisoners, nor am I condoning the actions taken by a few. But who the hell are you to complain about it. If you donít like it, enlist. Join up, go to Ft. McClellan, become an MP (thatís Military Police for your whiny dumbasses) and then go over there and treat the evil bastards really nice. Hold their little hands and tell them all is going to be alright. Don't want to do that? No shit! Thatís what I thought. No, you would rather sit back here and bitch at anyone with balls enough to form an opinion. Hereís an idea, the next time you see something on the internet that offends you, instead of emailing and complaining, how about just going into your bedroom, taking off all your clothes, bending over and FUCKING YOURSELF you spineless worthless piece of crying monkey shit! Nobody here cares if you bitch! We only contribute things to this site to piss off people like you. Are you too stupid to understand that? If ya donít like it, stop coming to the site! You're like the dipshits who complain about violence on television. I donít know what planet you live on, but my T.V. has a fuckin off switch, just like my computer. So please, stop confusing all of us here at crazyshit for some poor bastard that cares what you think. All we care about is beer, bitches and boobs (not necessarily in that order). Oh, and when you go into that bedroom and fuck yourself, remember, as always, be sure to take lots of pics, cause everyone here at crazyshit loves to see dumbasses in weird sexual positions!! Thats my "fuck you, you whiny communist bastard" opinion, It oughtta be yours!

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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