I Woke This Morning...

on 05.13.2004

Alright, now I'm pissed. I just woke up and turned on the morning news to see more disturbing images of the dot head mother fuckers that chopped the head off that poor bastard from Pennsylvania. Now as you all know, some crazyshit members have recently had their panties all up in a wad over some Iraqi POW pics that were posted here on the site. Some even went so far as to harass the shit out of the great OZ (a.k.a. Jay) because of these pics. They said they "would NEVER" come back to the site again because they were so disgusted by these pics. Now I just wonder, do ya think these fuckin' dipshits have now taken the time to email NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, AOL, Time Warner, MSNBC and all the other media cock suckers that continue to keep us all up in arms by making us watch this brutal execution over and over. Or do you think that they even had a second thought about it. I mean, yeah, some of our boys stood some dune coon up on a fuckin box and told him he would be electrocuted if he fell off. But let's look at that for a moment, O.K.? The towel head they stood on the box wasn't a fuckin' tower builder in Iraq trying to rebuild the fuckin' country. No, the dot head on the box was, and is, a fucking no good terrorist. A Muslim extremist who gets his dick hard by killing and slaughtering innocent civilians and children. Let's not forget, the camel jockeys that flew all those planes into buildings on 9-11 weren't fuckin' choir boys. They were killers. They didn't show any mercy to any of the thousands they killed, nor did they show mercy to the tens of thousands of others that were injured or left without fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, uncles, nephews, nieces, etc. etc. Their cowardly act left millions in it's wake devastated. But yeah, some of you anal cysts have completely forgotten about that. Now your more concerned with bitching to those of us who just donít give a shit.

Recently, I, Poppa Chubby received an email from a young man named "Frizzank". Frizzank has been a long time member of crazyshit.com. He wrote me after reading my last article condemning the bitching shitheads who got upset over the POW pics on the site. Frizzank went on to tell me a story of his grandfather. A man who became a hero to others on the 7th of December, 1941. He was in the military and stationed at Pearl Harbor on that day. He was on the USS Pennsylvania and was injured when the 500 lbs bomb hit the ship. He saved 2 fellow sailors lives before passing out from his injury. The men he saved never forgot about him, however all have now passed on. His grandfather served from 1940, injured in 1941 and was in the hospital from the Pearl Harbor bombing for 6 months, then he went back out to sea. He later left the Navy in 1947. This brave man served our country. He defended our country. And he did it at the risk of his life. He didn't care if he lost his life in this battle. And does anyone know why? Frizzank knows, and so do I. He didn't care if he lost his life that day defending his country, because he wanted to make sure that dipshit fuckin spunkheads like the ones who keep bitching about the POW pics would have the rights and freedoms to bitch about it. He knew what it meant to be an American. And how do we show this brave soldier and so many like him our gratitude? We become liberals and bitch about everything, but do nothing. Fortunatly for the bitching spunkheads, Frizzanks grandfather took action, He didnít sit on his lazy fat ass and bitch about the Japanese invaders, he rolled up his sleeves, and fought like hell. And today, 63 years later, America is FINALLY getting off its ass to erect a half ass memorial dedicated to these brave men and women. Not nearly the memorial they deserve. However, Frizzank didnít wait. Much like his hero grandfather, he took action on his own to honor these heroes. His was a personal salute, but one that is as heartfelt as it is honorable. Frizzank, on behalf of everyone here at crazyshit.com, and a grateful nation. We would like to show the world the memorial you created for your grandfather, and say Thanks. Not only to your grandfather, but all of the men and women who give us the freedom to come here each day, laugh, be grossed out, and piss of the world.
That's my " Fuck a terrorist, hug a Veteran" opinion, It damn sure outta be yours,

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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