Dallas, Open Your Arms.

on 05.24.2004

I will be in the Dallas-Ft. Worth are for the Memorial Day Weekend. I am flying in on Friday night. Basically the plane lands, I check my email, and off the bars/strip clubs that allow you to bring your OWN beer. I hear there is a strip clubs that used to be a old Motel 6 or some shit. What ever the fuck it is, I am going. I am coming back penniless and a big shit eatin' grin on my face.

We are also going to be in Austin and San Antonio over the weekend. It's all about taking the boat out in the day time, and hitting the bars at night. I have already gotten back on the wagon to start training my liver to live up to my high standards of life. I'd like to hook up with some of you boaters out there. I hear it is some serious parting happening out there.

Sooo if you have any interest at all to get down and party it up with us, please use my email link below to drop me a line. Don't be shy. Hell I might even buy some drinks, lap dances or some shit like that.

Ohh and how do you like my signature picture below? Send me an email to let me know. That was a couple Fridays ago. A two hundred dollar bar tab, and my favorite bar sport of gargling jager then drinking it to make everyone else sick. Basically the next bar cut me off. So I resorted to stealing pink drinks from random chics at the bar to feed the machine. Mmmm good times.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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