Damm How Time Flies!

on 06.08.2004

Dammit how time flies. I have been home for just about a week and it only seems like a couple days. I am so surprised that I didnít get a chance to write some latest words last week. But thatís the way things go. I wake up, head to Command Central, put up some pics, deal with people, eat lunch, nap and then deal with more people. In between dealing with people me, Scott and Tony work on the network of shitty sites. The fucking day just flies by.

Well Dallas was fun as fuck! I canít wait to go back. Tony should have some pictures up in the events section very soon. I just gotta get them off of the laptop and my camera. Iíll let ya know when they make it up.

Hey I still gotta say to all our surfers out there to spread the word. Send all your friends, family and co-workers emails to your favorite pics! I added a couple features where you can see how many times a pic has been emailed and viewed. Expect some sort of rating system to be coming very, very soon. I already have one working in the shitature section. So itís only a matter of time before it hits the presses.

Thatís it for now, Iím getting late and itís tired.

Before I forget!!! We have brought back ShittyAdvice.com. Yes thatís right, I gave that bitch some CPR and sheís alive and kicking. So you should get your ass over there and get some advice, or read some advice. Whatever, just get over there, and tell a friend too!

Peace and chicken grease,

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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