Saying Goodbye To One Of My Girls.

on 06.14.2004

On Sunday, June 13, 2004 I had to end one of my dog's life. Ginger was one of three dogs that I have. It's so funny that it might be just a dog to some but it was like she was one of my kids. She had such a great personality and disposition. She was 100% pit bull, and was the gentlest dog when it came to people. Now other animals weren't so lucky. In her span of 5 years, she managed to kill 3 cats, tear up my other dogs (they tore into her a few times to) and in the efforts to pull two dogs fighting apart I almost lost a thumb. But all in all she was one hell of a dog and definitely man's best friend.

She had a rare disease that the immune system was attacking the red blood cells. I had caught the first round early enough to get her back to being healthy. But this second time I wasn't as lucky. Ginger was staying at my mother's house, so they could keep each other company. Over the span of the last two weeks her health had just declined so fast, my choice was unavoidable. I took her home to my house one last time. She now rests under her favorite tree where she had tried for years to kill the 'Evil Squirrels'.

I am sure gonna miss that dog.


Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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