This Is What I Am Doing For The Fourth.

on 07.03.2004

Why do I love Cadillacs so much? I mean in all reality they are the biggest fucking piece of shits around. I own a 1994 Seville STS, and is the biggest piece of shit. It's like every weekend some part is breaking, or falling off the fucking car. So on this weekend of the 4th, this is what I have been doing all day Saturday. Working on the car. At least I new enough to check the error codes and then I surfed the net looking for the problems. As it turns out it's a $250 distributor cap. Since when did distributors become $250? The answer is simple: Since I drive a Cadillac.

But any ways, I just like taking the time out to bitch about some things, and this week's bitching is my car. And to continue with the bitching, here is the rest of the things that are broken:
  • One antenna that doesn't go down when the car shuts off.
  • One trunk release that no-longer works like it supposed to? But I afro-engineered it to work.
  • One arm rest/drink holder that no-longer works.
  • A very erratic idle that jumps up and down, with the occasional stall.
  • And count-less other things that are about to break.
But the good news is, last week we fixed the A/C in that bitch. Because the South Florida summer is just a little too much for me to deal with, without A/C.

I feel a 110% better. Now I am going to take my broken ass Caddy to the bar and forget all about my troubles. I hope everyone has a fucking drunk ass fuck 4th, and don't forget to send in pics of some fireworks in your ass or something.

Peace and chicken grease,

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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