Iím Back From PA.

on 07.13.2004

It's Tuesday and I have just gotten back from Pennsylvania. What was supposed to be a quiet trip to take care of some family business turned into a pretty funny adventure. It all started out with me and Mikey leaving West Palm Beach at noon on July 5th, we elected to drive to PA. And to add to the Clampit-like traveling situation, I decided to bring my two dogs, thatís two 50 pound plus dogs in a Cadillac Seville. Just to add to the driving enjoyment, I had just fixed the A/C in the car and wasnít too sure if the car was going to make it there and back.

I will elaborate more on what happened up in PA when I get everything under control, but hereís a quick summation of what when down. I canít find any bars. We find bars. We stay at bars for great length of time. We are almost killed by a head-on collision. On way to bar, beat up some heroin/crack head. Of course thereís a few little things in between but Iíll sit down and write all about it as soon as things come down.

And everyone has to send Anthony an email for holding down Command Central while I was gone. He did an excellent job.


Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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