Hangover From The Warped Tour

on 08.02.2004

Have any of you out there in Crazy Shit land ever had a two-day hangover? Well yours truly has just experienced his very first one. I mean sure Iíve done my fair share of 24 hour hangovers, but at the very end of the day Iím usually back to feeling pretty good. After a good nightís sleep, the second day is just like any other day. But this time was pretty bad.

In all honesty, I had a pretty intense drinking week. I drank from Monday night all the way to Sunday morning. But it was Saturday that really got me. We went to the Warped Tour, to see some of the finer punk bands, like Bad Religion and Rise Against. Noontime was when the drinking started. First with Rum Runners and frozen Margaritas, hey itís fucking hot in South Florida and beer gets hot too fast. And then we moved onto beer. Beer, after beer, after beer. After the show we had dinner, but as far as I can recall we didnít drink. Then off to the next bar, till it closed. And for me, my grand finally I went to a bar that I frequented many moons ago. Where the bartenders happily fed me bud light after bud light. At the end of the night, I vaguely remember throwing up outside my car (I ate pasta primavera, which looks just as good coming up as it did going down).

I didnít wake up on Sunday till 5pm, which was a full 24 hrs of sleep. Went back to sleep to wake this morning still feeling like shit. I get ready head off to Command Central, and notice a huge fucking throw-up remnants of the pasta primavera, with chick bits and shrimp all in the door jam of my car. As I suppress the gag reflex to hose off my car, I remembered throwing up outside the last bar. And that was about it. So the question to be asked is did I learn a lesson? Yes I did. Am I going to get another two-day hangover? I hope the fuck not. I hope you enjoyed my story, because for the most part, I think I had a good time. But then again Iím not really too sure. Ohh and by the way, I was found sleeping in the middle of my living room. And proceeded to strip naked down the hall to my bed. Now thatís pure sex!

Peace and chicken grease!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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