Hurricane Francis Is A Coming!

on 08.31.2004

First the West Coast of Florida got hit with Charley, now we have Hurricane Francis coming for our asses here in West Palm Beach. Personally I donít want get my asshole ripped out by some hurricane. But I guess thatís the price one pays for living in South Florida.

I guess tomorrow, I will start getting all the crap thatís around my yard and my motherís yard secured down. I also get board up our two houses. Boy this is gonna be real fun.

Well on a lighter note. I got to spend some quality time as some strip clubs this weekend. Which just reinforces why I hate them some much. Sure, youíd figure a man like me that loves boobies and all the good stuff that comes with them would love the strip clubs. But I guess it the fakeness that surrounds the whole fucking place that gets me. Plus every stripper smells like vanilla. And if you really think about it, you are probably the 145th guy to stick your face in her tits. Wow, it sounds like such fun. Iíd rather go to a bar, or a club, and dump the same amount of money that I would spend in a strip club on a couple of chics. At least Iíd have a chance to get laid. But thatís just my odd way of looking at it.

Iím off to pray for my pear shaped white ass to survive this hurricane in one piece.


Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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