We Survived Hurricane Frances!

on 09.07.2004

We made it through the hurricane. It wasn't a easy task, and it wasn't a walk in the park. But we did survive it, and we are still without power in my house. So I will give you a quick recap of the weekend starting on Friday.

Friday started out all right. We had gone drinking the night before, so a little hangover was to be expected. I slept in, and it was sooo nice. The rain started about noon, and we had our first band of wind and rain. It took down a palm tree branch and moved some leaves around. I though that this was great and we were gonna get outta this scott free. So Friday was quite, we ate good, drank good and slept pretty good.

The power goes out at 5am. The wind has really picked up. I manage to get back to bed till about 8am. The wind is whipping around outside, but not too bad. Around noon the wind really picks up. Mid afternoon one of our neighbor's tree almost nailed their house, it had missed by a few feet. The wind was pretty constant for most of the day. Ohh and I had a generator, but one of my helpful friends decides he wants to start the generator and broke the pull cord! Great, now we really don't have any fucking power!

It's 2 am and the shit has hit the fan. It sounds like a freight train is making laps outside the house. I can barely sleep, my friend's little brother is out like a light on the couch. Meanwhile shits hitting the shutters and all hell is breaking loose. I heard that we were getting 115 mph winds. Those winds lasted for 8 hours or so. You really get tired of hearing winds blowing through the house like that after a while. Finally at about noon things calmed down. We got to see what happened around the hood. My house was basically sparred, but mostly there was some trees that got it, and a few roofs got fucked up too.

Here's some pics I shot on Saturday afternoon and some video.

Here's some pics from Saturday afternoon. Wind, Rain, Sucking
This is the one that you'll see the broken palm tree branch, also you can see the neighbors tree down.
Annie and Colton hunkered down for Frances, After the storm...or was there really a storm?

And here's some videos too: Early Saturday with the neighbors.
Later Saturday afternoon, with added generator noise.
Sunday afternoon, really I don't think a storm came through here.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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