I Finally Have Electric!

on 09.11.2004

I got power back on at my house today, Saturday, at around 6pm. Ahh the ac feels soooo good. Now donít get me wrong. I can take it with out ac, but in South Florida you need a fan or something. It is just too fucking hot down here. And not to mention a nice warm shower. Itís kinda hard to take a cold shower, even if you are fucking hot as hell.

The refrigerator is nice too. I had to throw everything away, from my fridge and from my deep freezer. After seven days with out power, and me not wanting to clean the fridge and freezers out, I finally cleaned them out yesterday. Ughh, that was nasty. I almost threw up like ten times. But the best part of all that was this: As I was throwing away some fishing bait, i.e. squid and sardines, I left the container on the ground out side. Well, my knuckle head dogs thought this was some kind of treat, and linked the plastic container clean! Iím telling you, I have some nasty dogs.

On another note, today is 9/11. Man how the time flies. I can remember exactly what happened that day. Sitting there watching the plains crash into the towers while I was getting ready for work. Watching the tv all morning, and finally at around noon, deciding that watching the news was going to kill me. Me and Mikey decided to go play gold and get hammered. Man that was a fucked up day. We still remember, we will never forget. On that note, itís Saturday night and as I like to say ďThe kidney is evil and must be punished!Ē I am outta this beauch!

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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