I Have Seen The Promise Land.

on 10.21.2004

To quote the immortal Butt-head, “I have seen the promise land, and it is good”. I have been to the promise land, not only have I been to the promise land, but I have gotten down with my bad self at the promise land. And before you can ask yourself what is the promise land, I will tell you. The promise land was seeing the Beastie Boys perform live in Miami.

I have been a Beastie Boy’s fan for almost 15 years now. I’m 27, so you do the math. I own almost all of their albums, except for a few Euro releases that are a bit pricey. Besides the albums that I own I have some singles with rare B-sides. I can probably recite the lyrics to just about any song they have ever put out, with their latest album, To The 5 Burroughs, as the exception because I haven’t really gotten into it too much. So, needless to say, I’m a huge fan.

The Beastie Boys have not brought a tour to South Florida in quite some time. The closest city they were to me was Atlanta, Ga. and who the fuck wants to drive all that way to see them there. We were gonna get to see them and Rage Against the Machine a few years back but Mike D. had broken his arm and the tour was canceled. And to be totally honest with you, I was kind of doubtful of even seeing a Beastie Boys’ show. I mean I have seen some bands that I really like and they did such a shitty job performing that I didn’t even care about their music anymore. So, I really didn’t want to be disappointed by their performance, which I wasn’t.

Real quick, let me just tell you that before the show started me and a friend went to get some beers. As usual all the beer lines were fucking packed. SO we walked to see if we could find a shorter beer line. As luck has it we found a not too bad one. SO we hop in line and almost instantly people ask about the Crazyshit.com Beaver Police shirt. So I tell them and now I have like ten new friends. Well, one of my new friends likes me so much, he gave me a Xanax. As I politely said no thanks, and tried to give it back to him, it had fallen to the floor. One of my other new friends said something to the effect of “what was that?”, “a zanny” the dude said, and then called the three second rule, picked it up and ate it. I tell ya, when I’m out there never seems to be a dull moment.

Anywho, the Beastie Boys rocked the motherfucking hut. I didn’t stop movin’ and a shakin’ for an hour and a half. They rocked it so hard that words can’t describe what went down in there. They lived up to everything that I thought they would be in concert. A highlight of the show was a short clip of Will Farrell’s impersonation of George W. Bush. And the double encore just proved that they got the Skills to pay the bills. I had a blast, we got some pics, somewhere. I gotta get a hold of Scott to get them. That’s it for now.

Peace and chicken grease,

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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