It's All Over.

on 11.03.2004

Well, it's over. I am sitting here in my office, watching the news, and it appears that John Kerry has called and conceded the election to President Bush. Unlike Jay, our editor and chief here at Crazyshit.com, I didn't vote yesterday. I recently moved and forgot to fill out an absentee ballot before moving, and was too late to register in my new hometown. But to be honest, I really don't know who I would have voted for this time.

Usually, I vote for the lesser of two evils, but in this case, I don't think there was one. I saw good and bad things in both candidates. I voted for Bush last time, but that vote mostly came down to my right to keep and bare arms (for all of you Canadians I pissed off in my last rant, you wouldn't know shit about this right, so don't try to understand it). I don't tend to vote for a party. I would rather vote for a candidate, and yes, I am one of those weird folks that would prefer to know where the asshole stands on an issue before giving him my vote.

Now, my problem with these two is that they are both fucking liars as far as I can see. Let's see, Bush says he thought there were WMD's in Iraq and that is why he attacked. It had nothing to do with Saddam trying to take out an international hit on his old man. Yeah Right! You take out a hit on my dad and then give me control of the most powerful military on the planet and just watch how bad I fuck your ass up. Now Kerry on the other hand wanted us to believe that he wanted to lower my taxes but raise taxes on the richest 2% of the population. Yeah Right! How in the fuck does he expect us to believe that he was going to raise taxes on his own wife? Like anyone out there would believe that a man would raise taxes on a woman he wants a blowjob from. It ain't gonna happen!

They're both liars. But they are after all, politicians. I suppose one is synonymous with the other. Personally, I never have understood how someone could be so stupid as to vote for a party instead of a candidate. When it comes to political issues, I find that I am both liberal and conservative. When it comes to guns, I am conservative. When it comes to gays getting married, I am liberal. In other words, leave my guns the fuck alone, and let homos get hitched if they want to. Why should heterosexuals be the only ones to suffer such fun things as divorce and alimony? But here we are, with another four years of Bush and his policies. The only thing I can safely say at this point is exactly what I would have said if Kerry had won........ God save us all.

That's my "god Bless the U.S.A." opinion, it oughtta be yours,

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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