Halo 2 Is Coming!!!

on 11.08.2004

Ahh, the long awaited sequel to Halo is dropping tonight at Midnight. That is about two and half-hours from now. See I might be a nerd. Well, most likely I am a nerd, but you know what? I don't fucking care, because Halo is the only, and I mean only game I play. I don't play Grand Theft Auto or Rainbow 6. I just play Halo. So, now that the baddest game's sequel is going to hit my hot, sticky and sweaty hangs its vacation time. That's right bitches, Crazyshit.com might or might not get updated tomorrow. I probably will come into Command Central for a few hours, give the world their crazy shit, check some emails, make some highly important calls, maybe even take a nap, and then retire to my casa to continue devastating the xbox community with my Halo prowlessness. If you are interested in playing me, here's my gamer's tag: crazyshtcom. I'm sure that's an easy one to remember.

On to other exciting news, we have yet another new staff member. That's right, a very good and very big friend of mine has joined the staff, Jesse U. (jesse@crazyshit.com). His principle job around here, besides taking up massive amounts of office and desk space, is the production of Crazyshit.com Flash animations. That's right kids, we were sitting around drinking and we decided that we could put out some crazy fucking animations, so in the next few weeks we will be dropping our first production. It'll be short and sweet, just like your daddy's love pole. Also Jesse will be taking over the daily postings over the next few weeks. I am going to be concentration on the new site that is in the works. Keep those eyes peeled, and say "Hi!" to Jesse.

Also, Jesse will be on "vacation" too. Where else do you start on Monday, and have a vacation on Tuesday?

Rock out with your cock out!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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