Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Shimmy Yam, Shimmy Yay....

on 11.18.2004

Just the other night, I was driving my truck, when I came to the realization that there were an extremely large number of Wu Tang Clan songs being played on the radio. I sat there in total shock for the shitty ass radio stations down here in South Florida don't play anything worth a crap, but to my amazement they were playing a shit load of nothing but the Wu.

That's when I was like Hell Ya! Old School Wu Tang is the shit, Fo Shizzle My Nizzle. What I didn't know was that the reason they were playing all these musical classics…he, he, he…musical classics, was because our beloved Ol' Dirty Bastard, ODB, Dirt McGirt, Big Baby Jesus, and A.K.A. Russell Jones at age 35 collapsed and died in New York Saturday.

I'm from Washington Heights in Manhattan in New York City, the city that never sleeps. I have spent half my life there, I grew up on those streets, and I have family that stills lives there until this day. When Tupac and Biggie passed people in the city were very emotional about it. I can just imagine how that city reacted to ODB passing; after all he was considered somewhat of a folk hero of the streets.

I mean shit I was a fan of the Wu since they started that shit way back when. I remember the first bootleg I ever had, and I've bought every album since then. Of course some of the albums were better than others, but that was to be expected. Big Baby Jesus left us with some great albums: 1995 The Return To The 36 Chambers The Dirty Version, 1999 N***A Please, and 2001 The Dirty Story: The Best of ODB. McGirt also left us with 13 mother fucking kids! Jesus Christ you got to be kidding me, 13 kids, fuck. I mean you got to be out of your cotton pickin' mind to have 13 kids in today's day.

He was one crazy bastard! He was always in and out of jail, he made terrorist threats, he had been in shootouts with the police, and he picked up a welfare assistance check(s) in a limo for Pete's Sake. He had to have been one of the craziest artists to walk this god-forsaken planet. He was also arguably one of the best rappers of his time. I truly will miss his unorthodox style.

(Editor's note: Sorry to get this piece out so late, but we, me and Jesse, have been spending way TOO much time playing Halo 2 online. So that's why this is so late.)

Rest In Peace, Russell Jones.

You Crazy Mother Fucker.

Jesse U, jesse@crazyshit.com
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