Guess Who’s Back, Back, Back Again.

on 01.03.2005

That’s right I have returned from a fuckin’ hiatus, and I’m back with a mother fuckin’ purpose. That purpose is to bring you some of the craziest shit your have ever seen here at Crazyshit.com. I hope you can handle the truth because the truth is what you are going to get.

Let me start with a certain person that emailed Jesse with the subject title “U Sick Fuck”. I won’t mention the assholes name but I think it was Phillip, you think Jesse is a sick fuck and has a problem just wait till I get done with your ass. I’m going to make Jesse and Jay look like they are Saints. So all of you die hard Crazy Shit fans out there in the cyber space hold on tight, fasten your seatbelts, put your head between your legs and kiss your sweet ass good buy, or do what I like to do is put my face in a nice looking pussy and lick away. But what ever you prefer just be fuckin’ ready for the ride I will take you on. Because yes I AM MOTHER FUCKIN’ BACK.

P.S. I almost forgot Happy Mother Fuckin’ New Year, and look for the new version of Crazy Shit that Jay is working on to hit your computer screen hard in the near future. Its going to be version I just .69 Phillip’s girlfriend and she really sucks, no I mean she REALLY SUCKS GOOD. Oh yeah she said if Phillip only had a dick for her to suck that she might be happy.

And one more thing I know at least a few of you have friends and I am sure one or all of them are shitty ass friends so check out the questionnaires page of the fuckin’ site,and put a couple of sentences together which I am sure most of you can do and send us some damn stories you slack ass fuckers.

Scott T., Scott@crazyshit.com
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