Itís Party Time!

on 02.11.2005

Just like Phil Collins said, ďTonight, tonight, tooooniiightĒ. Tonight is our 6-year anniversary party. WOOT! WOOT! Weís gonna party down! We have the whole top floor to a bar all for our selves. Booze and beer is included, itís going to be one hell of a night. And trust me, Iím not taking one damm picture. Iíll leave that to my Asian friend, Pooner. Those Asians really know how to take photos. I hope that we can get some pics on the site for everyone that didnít make it. I know we slack in that department, but Iím really going to try to get them up.

This is just what I need to blow off some steam. And itís coming not a moment too soon. After six long years of pure crap, itís finally looking pretty good. Crazyshit.com is shaping up, and weíre growing like crazy. So this party is for all the people that believed, helped out, and got me fucked up. A thanks goes out to all the people that were here in the beginning and have stuck around to see this site going places. For that I thank you.

Ok, Iím outta here. I still got a ton of things to finish up before the party. And Iím really to get my drink on.


Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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