Paris Hilton Hacked Cell Phone And News On Updates

on 02.22.2005

As the world turns and Paris Hilton gets her cell phone hacked; we here at crazyshit.com keep grinding away. I would like to take a small break to rant about this Paris Hilton broad. What the fuck is the matter with this person is she that outta touch with reality? I mean seriously, get a grip or at least get a little bit hotter so I can enjoy it. Personally she's to skinny for me, but that's another story. She needs to send US some fucking pics, we might not make her famous. But I'm sure some of us here would like to see a little show. For more on Paris Hilton's Hacked Cell Phone click this link.

This is just a quick update today, it's late, 1:00am Tuesday, and I have been working on the site since 9:30am, Monday morning. I just wanted everyone to know we have finished negotiations with our new Command Central location. Well, more like a second location. See the problem is crazyshit.com is kinda running out of room, and bandwidth. So we are taking some new space at another location. And you might ask, what the fuck does this have to do with me, the surfer? Well, buddy, you're gonna get some kick ass download speeds, and lightning fast servers. So get back to work, and I'll let ya know when it's all done.


Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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