Upgrades, Downtime And Kicking Ass!!!

on 02.27.2005

Some of you might have noticed that we experienced some down time over this weekend. In fact it was my fault. No I didn't trip over a chair and knock all the servers down. I also didn't forget to feed the hamsters that actually run the crazyshit.com servers. What did happen is we moved the crazyshit.com servers to our new facility. The new place is pretty bad ass, and the best part about it is what it makes everything fucking fast! Have you seen the download speeds of the movies yet?

I have a job for you guys and gals out there. If there is any problem, like movies timing out. Or pages that take forever to load, or never load at all. Please send me an email, and make sure to let me know what page it is too (copy it from the "Go" bar on the browser).

I want all sorts of feed back, whether it's bad or good. I would really like to know if the site is 10 times faster for you. It the pages load faster, movies come up quicker…etc, etc.

For all responses, drop me an email here:Jay@CrazyShit.com


Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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