Let The Turnip Die!

on 03.22.2005

I am so fucking sick of hearing about this Terri Schiavo lady. I mean for God's sake, just let her die in fucking peace. And what make's it worse is that all these morons are saying that "they" are killing her. She's already dead...well brain dead. But who has ever come back from being brain dead? These religious rights wing wackos are some real fuck tards. The extent of their fucktardness is unbelievable. So I am going to rant for a little bit and unlike Terri, I'll feel better when I'm done.

First off, she's dead. Her fucking brain no workie. She has no conscious thoughts going on. She kinda looks like she's starring off into space. You know why? Because there's no hamsters turning in her head. The hamsters got out of the cage and are probably up some fag's ass right now. She can't feed herself, she can't even swallow, and she can't drink either. It all has to be delivered via a tube. Mmm…yummy! And guess what else she can't do. She sure as shit can't clean up her own shit! So you say, "there's some people that are in commas that do the same thing." Yes, you are right, but here's the zinger: SHE"S NOT IN A COMMA, SHE"S BRAIN DEAD!!! Maybe some of these "right to lifers" are in a coma or at least that's how they act.

Here's an example of the mentality that is being displayed here. Two men, break into the building where Terri Schiavo is. The break in with a loaf of bread and a water bottle. Now, I don't know what these two criminal geniuses where going to do with the loaf of bread and water…but it was sure as hell not going to feed her with it. I'd love to have the pics of them shoving some bread down her throat. Then trying to wash it down with some water. Ohh God, I'd run those pics for days. I'd show everyone I know those photos.

Here's another example of some idiots; Our House, Senate and the Office of the President. These fucking morons are trying to appease one thing and one thing only. The wacko religious right that is about 1/3 of their voting base. So they pull an all nighter to put this bill together, and then the President, the President folks, flies up from Texas to sign this bill. Now here's the kicker. The President was woken up, came out in his PJ's (I'm sure they are some sort of little monkey pattern, kinda like Curious George) and signed the bill in the hallway. Then promptly went back to sleep. That leaves me with the feeling that he was giving the heart felt concern for her.

Now about the wasted money on Terri. This shit is going to cost the taxpayers a small fortune. Hmm, we've got both houses on emergency meetings over the weekend. The President, had to fly in from Texas, on Airforce 1, which I'm sure wasn't very cheep. Not to mention all these judges and courtroom proceedings, I think you get my drift. What they should have done was increase a school's salaries for teachers for a year, and name that school after her. It would have benefited some one else besides a fucking vegetable.

One more and I'm done. The California businessman that offered Terri's husband a million dollars to walk away from this whole ordeal and let her parents take care of the vegi-chick. What the fuck guy? That's some dudes wife. I mean, this dude doesn't even know them. And he's going to butt his ass in there and offer some bucks, make her husband go away and probably have some sort of sex with her. Maybe he's almost a necrophiliac. He want's a little pulse, just not a of movement. Who knows?

Ask yourself this: What would you have done? Here's my answer, and this may be a shocker to some. I'd take that fucking money and run. Fuck yeah. I'd be gone so fucking fast your head would spin. I'd spend, a hundred bucks to get my name changed, buy a boat, and house and live of the interest on the million bucks. Man, I'd leave that circus so fucking fast, it wouldn't be funny.

Ok, I feel better. I hope there's not to many grammatical errors it's late and I'm tired. Peace.
P.S. I tried to find some good jokes on Terri Schiavo, but no one I knew knows any, so if you have some, send me an emai,

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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