A Little Fishing Story For You.

on 03.23.2005

Today would have been my Dad's 65th birthday, and to honor his memory, I thought I would share a very true fishing story with you. It's not a very long story, but I'll see what I can do to drag it out, spice it up and maybe even throw in some sort of tall tales to make it interesting. This involves a very hard to believe tail of a lost fishing pole and a nice catch.

The lost fishing pole.

Here he is out on the boat.

This was one of the few times in my teenage years that I did not go fishing with my Dad. I suppose I was at school, or fucking around somewhere. The point is I was not there, and I heard this story second hand.

My Dad, and a neighbor were the ones out fishing, in the ocean. To be exact, the Atlantic Ocean off of the Boyton/Delray coast here in Florida. (Just in case some of you were curious.) They were going out for some bigger fish, basically dolphin and kingfish. We have a 24-foot open fisherman boat. As he was rigging up a 12/O Penn fishing pole with some bait and a jig, he dropped the pole into the water. I not sure how that happened, I could never get that part of the story from him. It was kinda a fluke accident, and it happens. He didn't jump into the water or anything to go after it. He just chalked it up as a loss.

This happened at the begging of the day. It was the first thing that happened. As the die-hard fisherman that he was, that didn't mean that the day was over. With plenty of poles still left onboard and fish still in the ocean, they kept at it.

A few hours later.

With about 4 lines out, he gets a bite. As the line goes out he sets up the pole, and fish is on. It's a dolphin, and they fight it for a while. As they land the dolphin on the boat, there's something strange going on. There is two lines coming out of this fish's mouth. Not only is there two lines, there's two rigs/hooks. And surprising enough, it looks strangely familiar. It's the rig from the pole he lost just a few hours earlier. As he pulls up the line, low and behold, here comes the pole.

Not only did he lose the pole, fully rigged and ready. He caught a nice sized dolphin with a hook in its mouth to the pole he lost. How much better can it get?

Now that's a very true and very much a great fishing story. I hope you enjoyed it. I kinda got a good chuckle out of writing it.

This is Dad with a 20 pound grouper, pulled outta 200ft of water.

If you want more info on my Dad, you can click here.

Also, for those people that don't fish, or know what a dolphin is. I am talking about the fish dolphin, or Mahi-Mahi (for the tourists). I am not taking about the mammal, or flipper for that matter.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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