So I Went To A Wedding Last Weekend.

on 07.14.2005

Last weekend I went to a wedding, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Which is about 4 hours from where I live, and on the west coast of Florida. Where, as luck would have it, Hurricane Dennis was predicted to trudge through. But to make the story just a little better than that, my date was my ex-fiancee. Ok, let me mix all these ingredients together like a recipe for cookies and weíll see how it tastes at the end.

Iíll start out with how I got to be my ex-fianceeís date, and even a little more background info. First off, I had not seen her since May of 2004, thatís when she moved from South Florida to Arizona. We talked on the phone only a handful of times until I was a jerk, and said a few things to hurt her feelings and we didnít talk anymore. Iíd say that was about March. Until one day in May, oddly enough, she calls the crazyshit.com office. We catch up on each otherís lives, blah, blah, blah, I donít want to bore you with details so I will skip ahead. I say that she needs a date for the her brotherís wedding in July, she says no, not really. A little haggling, some deal making, and bam-o! We got ourselves one hot couple for a wedding.

On to the wedding. Weeks fly by. I actually bought a suit to go to this thing, my very first suit Iíll have you know. As the days are approaching for the wedding, thereís this hurricane a brewing down in the Caribbean. The rehearsal was held on Friday evening, so I decided to get crazyshit done, and head over at about 2 p.m. Itís an 4 hour drive, thatís just about perfect timing. As soon as I get about half an hour away, the fucking floodgates open. I mean you canít see 2 feet in front of your face with all that rain. It was bad. Now a half an hour drive now takes an hour and a half. Uggh, fuck me. All I wanted to do was get there to see her.

Finally I get there. Itís pouring, everyone is under a pavilion, and there she is. Ahh, man when I tell you that she was a sight for sore eyes, that would have been the understatement of the year. I think at that instant, I was the happiest man alive. Rain, thunder with lighting, and a whole party of friends and strangers didnít matter. It was just all about her. I would even go as far as to say it made my whole year.

Once again, not to bore, you I will skip almost all the details. The hurricane didnít hit the wedding. Unfortunately it headed up to Pensacola, where I have two very good friends, with baby that are safe. We where the hottest couple at the wedding. We had a great, got a little two drunk. My ex stole pastries from the hotel kitchen during the after party, and in the great nature of sharing, passed them out to everyone. We took a few falls. For example; as me and her where leaving the party, as I was holding her up to walk. She decides to shift, I try to catch her as I slip on the wet floor, we both fall flat on our asses! Now, you got to imagine she is in this beautiful red satin dress about ankle length. I am in a suit, a very HOT suit might I add. We are both sitting on our asses on the soaking wet side walk, we look at each other and say fuck it. We just sat there for like ten minutes laughing. Even the hotel night manager came up, and asked if we were ok. We still sat there, laughing our asses off. Iíll spare you the rest of the details, just use your imagination. Iím sure you can figure out the rest.

It was a great time, I wouldnít trade it for the world. I just with we could have had a longer time together. Well, she does have a sister, maybe sheíll want to get married soon! Guys I can hook you up!!! Just kidding.

Now, just incase some of you that read this, and are under the impression that I am a miserable fuck, that works too much, drinks too much and eats too much, you are 100% correct. I am all that, and sometimes even worse. But I do have a soft spot. That only comes out once and a while. But donít you worry, Iím gonna be back at that bar tomorrow night, Friday night, and probably Saturday night. So, in a way, Iím already back to myself. But I thought Iíd share, my very weird weekend with everyone.

Peace and chicken grease,

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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