Jay Sings The Blues.

on 08.24.2005

Not really. I'm actually too fucking busy to be blue. I got some cool fucking shit coming down the pipe for all you crazyshit.com minions. I'm not going to spoil the secret just yet. But it will be ready to go by next week some time. Hopefully I'll have this shit up closer to the beginning of next week.

In other news, a few weeks back I went to the Internet porn convention. Which consisted of busting my fucking liver. I over a four day convention, I don't think I had one drink of water. Besides, fish fucking piss in water. I almost got paid to knock out some dorky-ass Canadian guy. And to all you Canadians out there, this guy would embarrass every one of you, that's how much of a fucking dork he was. Alas I didn't do it, for fear of me getting sued for breaking this kid's jaw. I mean, I was really in a foul mood, and he was becoming my target for the hate. So I just let it go and enjoyed my vodka.

There was a lot more shit that happened, but basically it involved booze and forty dollar cab rides. Several times. Once for losing my friends at one club, and another for having to leave a club early do to server problems at crazyshit.com. See what I do for you guys!!!

I just though of something. I actually have a pre-writing ritual, and I didn't even notice it. I take a shit every time I go to write a home page update. But not one of those regular shits, nooo. These shits are the kind where your fucking legs go to sleep, and you can't get up. So, incase you were wondering what I do before I write these literary pieces of garbage, now you know.

Ohh, I also wanted to tell you all about my myspace profile. But for the life of me, I can't see what the big deal about this fucking site is about. I mean, I checked the chicks out, but every chick I see, she's got friends and each one is some dude with his shirt off, looking like a CK ad. To all you guys that do that. Put your fucking shirts back on, you fucking douche bags. Anywho, I screwed around over there. Like I'm sure I could have wasted my time better, but I need a little break. So you can cruise on over and have a laugh at my expense. I kinda wanted to make fun of the whole thing, so enjoy: http://www.myspace.com/crazyjayd

That's it for now, till next time.

Your friend in Jesus,

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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