How Was Your Labor Day?

on 09.07.2005

Before I start, I'd like everyone know that wrote me emails about my Family in the Mississippi coast. All my family has been accounted for, and they are all fine. My Mom's cousin and her brother's homes are less than a few miles from the beach are still standing. In FACT, they didn't even lose any roof shingles! But my uncle on the other hand that's about 5 miles inland lost half of his roof. But, everyone is ok.

Ok, now on to Labor Day weekend. On Thursday I had a pretty bad cold, and still went out drinking. You would think I would learn one of these days. On Friday, not only do I have a terrible cold, I also have a hang over. My plans were to work on Crazyshit all weekend. I have some major shit to get done, at it's about a week's worth of work. And this weekend was perfect to do it.

That was my whole plan, to stay home, and work. No interruptions, just straight hard core hacking going down. Here's what really happened. Friday at about 7-p.m.-ish, a friend calls, says he's down stairs of Command Central, and he's buying some drinks. After about a 3 minute "No, I Can't" bullshit line, I'm downstairs with my first beer of the Labor Day Holiday. That went on till about 3 am. Till I fell asleep watching Kung Fu Hustle.

Saturday, I'm up to update one of the crazyshit.com's webserver. All be it, I was supposed to be at the facility at about 10 am, I didn't get there till about 1 p.m. I'm outta there at about 3 p.m. Ok folks here's where it gets bad. My best friend calls and says the local grocery stores have 18 packs of Bud, and Bud-light for 5 bucks. 5 bucks mother fuckers! I got fifty bucks in my pocket! We go buy beer. The rest as they say is history. I didn't do an ounce of work last weekend. Plus it rained almost all weekend here too.

So I took a photo of what is about thirty bucks worth of beer. Gawd, if beer prices were like that all the time, I'd have a REAL problem.

Your friend in Jesus,

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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