Why Was Crazyshit.com Down?

on 01.23.2006

Why was crazyshit.com down? Very good question, very good question indeed. Well, I could make up a lie, and say, some shit like we decided to take a break. Let the hamsters out of the servers to run around for a bit. But here's the facts:

Our raid controller for the main web server blew the fuck up on Friday morning. I was up at 6 am, working on it. At 10 am we determined what it was. I was on the phone like a teenager with a crush. 12 pm, I can't find the raid controller anywhere in Florida so we over night it in from California.

Saturday morning, FedEx is supposed to leave the two (just incase one doesn't work) controllers to us. The fucktard from FedEx can't find the data center. We get no calls, nothing. That's it for Saturday and Sunday.

Monday morning, up at 6:30 am, I'm going to get the controller from these assholes before they leave for the day. The guy from FedEx support says they leave at 8 am. I'm there at 7:55 am. They lady behind the counter says, "Sorry all the drivers halve left", I'm like "what the fuck?" Then she says, "Yeah, on Mondays our drivers leave early". Ughh! After I punch my car's dashboard, I drive over to the data center. (It's only a few miles from FedEx).

And who do I see in the parking lot? Mr. FedEx! I rip the box out of his hands, ask him how in the hell didn't the Saturday guy find the place. He says I have no idea; he's probably an idiot. I agree, thank him, and run into that place, like my hair was on fire and my ass was a catching.

Rip the server out of the rack, take out the old card, pop in the new card, go to reboot andů. And, and fucking nothing. The motherboard is fucked on this thing now. At this point, I sit down; realize that god and the whole world hates me. I have mixed feelings between wanting to go to the bar, punch someone in their face, and or curl up in a little ball and cry all came over me all at once. I fought it all off, called around for another motherboard with no luck. I mean, South Florida is a big fucking place, you'd think there would be at least one motherboard like I need. Nope, nodda, nothing.

I call Jesse up. Have him bring me down the old crazyshit.com web server motherboard, which about a week ago I had just taken out of me car, figures. He brings it down, I slap it in the box. Now the power supply doesn't fix. Yet again the feelings come over me, ughhh. I am going to the bar in like 5 minutes if this shit doesn't get any better.

The great people at the data center let me borrow a power supply. Now we are rocking and rolling! She boots up and we are ready to go. Just a few more fuck ups and we are online, and back in business. Thank God!

So that's why we were down. I now have backups off all the hardware needed. I'm going to have to take the server down probably Wednesday morning. I hope all goes well.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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