We Lose A Friend This Week.

on 02.10.2006

Last night I found out that I a friend of mine and Jesse's had passed away on Wednesday the 8th . Keith Larson was only 27 years old. He had been struggling with cancer for a number of years, and on Wednesday cancer finally won. Now I don't know if that's why he died, but I am guessing that's what happened. Since he doesn't live here in South Florida, I don't know how to get the facts so we'll go on what I think happened.

Not that's the saddest part, but his Mom had passed away months before hand from cancer too. To make it even worse, his sister died from cancer a few years earlier. I just can't imagine how his Dad is feeling.

Yet another sad though is they are not having any services for Keith. The obituaries only had a few lines, of his death. Nothing about how he died. No services. Really kind of sad, how alone you are when you die. He will be missed, he really was a fucking funny dude. Keith used to crack me up all night long when we went drinking. I almost had him at one point to be a writer for crazyshit. Then he moved away. Got cancer. Came back to visit, like twice. I guess it really just blows me away.

Here's his last email he sent me on October 14th, 2005
well here's how it's gone since i saw u last.my mom found out she also had cancer(breast) and soon later on june 8th she passed away,then three weeks later my ass was up in da hospital with sevral blood clots in my chest neck and right arm..now those my friend are fun to get rid of.so now im on blood thinners and that put a serious cloud on the beer drinkin life i once had.and to top the story off my doctor told me last week that my one tumor has desided to grow alittle more and grow two tiny tumors in the center of my chest and lower left lung,pretty sweet huh i think all i need left in life is to be stuck by fuckin lightning! but thats been my last few months.. so tell everyone i said whats up and maybe i'll see ya all soon.ohh yea i see you got scotty back in action and jessie on the team now thats cool.alright man talk at ya later there's a whole lotta porn and music to be stole by me on the net later
RIP Keith "Gumby" Larson

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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