Happy Birthday Jesse!

on 03.04.2006

Yeah buddy! He's catching up to me, at least for a while. So happy birthday to my good friend and webmaster here at crazyshit.com. I can hear it right now, even though it's like noon. Jesse saying, "Get Fucked Up! Get Fucked Up!" Then followed by "Kick Me In the JIMMY!!!" I can hear it now. Soooo I am just about 110% certain we are going to get fucked up tonight! And have some hella hangovers tomorrow!

Instead of sending in bottles of Captain, and Sprite, why don't you guys drop him an email at jesse@crazyshit.com and wish him a happy birthday. Then again, if you want, you can always send in some Captain. or hell, why not some Jager, we all love the Jager! Some more than others!!!

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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