Really, I Haven't Been Putting Off Updating The News.

on 06.07.2006

No seriously. I haven't. Ok, maybe just a little bit. Ok, maybe a lot. But what can I say, we are busy little beavers over here. With Jesse updating every day. Me and Michael programming, and Little Cese updating the jokes/lits….wait a minute…. You're asking yourself, who the fucking is Michael and Little Cese? Ahh, those guys, well they are the newest members to the crazyshit family.

Michael is doing programming for us. He actually wrote the search engine on the site, and the quote system for the comments in the pics and videos. Currently he is on two top-secret projects, that of course will remain top secret.

Little Cese is our new intern. Yes, I love the smell of fresh blood in the office, but there's only one problem. I think this kid is rotten from the insides. He blames it on being a Cuban. I guess eating rice and beans all the time will tend to tear the ass out of you. His main jobs right now are the jokes and literature section. And of course the regular jobs that interns do, like going to my car when I forget something or, getting the shit beat out of him when Jesse can't take his tapping and bouncing around anymore.

Besides our new face lift, and search engine, we are continuing on a downward spiral of greatness. I have a few new ideas up my sleeves and I am thinking we might be going in the direction of a one stop shop kind of entertainment shit hole. Not only do we want to waste your time with the pics, vids, jokes, forums and etc, etc. I think we are going to coming up with even more shit to waste your time. Remember, if you can get your boss hooked on crazyshit. Then he'll have no excuse to yell at you when you spend all day on here!

Ok, I'm out. Got a doctors appointment for my back tomorrow, I can't believe I even said that. Man I'm getting old.

Later bitches.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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