Summer Is Officially Over.

on 09.07.2006

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day. We lost one of the great fucking crazy dudes of all time over our holiday. I was always thinking that a crocodile was going to get his ass one of these days, but out of right field, and stingray ends up taking out the Crocodile Hunter. Which really sucks, the dude was pretty fucking crazy.

On another note, the Labor Day weekend went down without a hitch. Many beers were drunk, and I mean many beers. It was a three-day drinking fest of sorts. Shit how could it not have been. It rained every day. We barbequed every day, so it only seems nature to drink every day, right? I mean is it possible to have fire, meat, and no beer. I think not! Now that I have put on the 20 pounds that I never ever lost and my liver is flying back into town tomorrow, here's comes another weekend and time to do it all over again.

More good news on the crazyshit.com front; we are getting a new office. Yup that's right, we are moving from Command Central, in downtown West Palm Beach to a remote hideaway otherwise know as Command Central Delta or CCD for short. CCD is a thirteen hundred square foot party hall basically. With a pond and soon to be connecting cannel next to it, all we have to do is figure out how to rig up some fishing pools with bells on it, so we can be fishing and well, working all day long. Mmmm fishing.

Pictures of the CCD will be coming up shortly. For now, we have to get our asses in there. In the 5-6 years we have been at Command Central, we have accumulated a lot of shit here. Good thing I know some motherfuckers with pickups.

Finally I leave you with some pictures from last weekend:

This here is my grill the Green Monster:

Yes, you can cook a fuck ton of food on here.

And yes, if you're asking, it once was a huge tool box.

Tina and Scott, at a bar. I think Scott might have passed out...

Dan's hiccup remedy.

Beers at the bar

Bartender at said bar, I was a bit drunk, so I brought in the camera.

Ride home from the bars one night

And finally the end.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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