Sorry We Were Busy

on 09.25.2006

Well Iím sure many of you are wondering why we have been slacking as of late? Let me assure you there are good reasons. For the last couple of weeks all the hard working staff of crazyshit.com (meaning Jay, I and our friends) have been moving. Thatís right folks we have a newer and bigger office, equipped with a stripper pole that is on its way and a bar that is still under construction. Now all we need are some cute little horny chicks that want to come over for a couple of drinks and a series of dances. We have been going crazy trying to move things over in a timely fashion, so we must apologize for not bringing you the craziest of shits like we normally do, however we have most of our equipment moved over so we should be right on schedule again.

This brings me to the second reason we have been a little behind. For the last 9 months or so I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a most precious gift from the stars above. My second child, my baby girl. Her name is Eva. Eva arrived on 9-18-06 at about 8:24pm she was a little thing coming in at 6lbs 5oz and 19 inches long. Her big brother Tristin who is 6 will have his work cut out for him, because his little sister is very cute. I went ahead and started getting the arsenal ready. I will post some pictures of my family in the forum. Click Here

Jesse U, jesse@crazyshit.com
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