on 10.18.2006

Now that we are almost into our new offices, we have a new tradition! It involves us stuffing our already fat faces even more with sweet sweet deep fried pork every Wednesday for lunch. As Emeril says, PORK FAT RULES!!! These luscious chunks of come from a local Cuban slash Italian Mom and Pop kind of place.

Such fatness can't be held back. I had to share with all. Once you get done eating there, there's nothing left to do but take a massive shit and a nap. Hell, doing both at the same time isn't a bad idea either.

What is a pork chuck you ask? Hell if I know for sure. But what I do know is this; it some part of a pig. 2. it's half fat and half meat. 3. you really shouldn't eat the fat…they don't have defibrillators at the restaurant. 4. it makes people happy inside.

Long LIVE P.C.W.!!!! I encourage all to find some deep-fried love every Wednesday and think of the crazyshit crew as we do it.

Here's some pics from last week's P.C.W.:

Mmmm mmm sweet sweet deep fried pork:

I loves me some pork:

"Who's talking shit now? Not Mr. Pork Chunks, that's who!"

That's the left over portion of fat:

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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