Interns And Crazyshit.com, It Just Doesn't Mix.

on 11.17.2006

Apparently the office of crazy shit can't get some fucking interns to save our lives. We have been trying to get some interns in here for what seems about a month now, and each fucking one has never come back. A few seemed interested, but still called later to say they can't make it.

I don't know what the problem is. I mean Jesse and me have showered. Well Jesse has. I might have forgot to bathe a few times, but that's not a reason to not become an intern. I mean shit, interns love it when smelly bosses stand behind them breathing down their necks.

Ok, check this email out:
I am interested as long as I can be fully clothed during business hours.

I have many years of computer experience. I like flexible hours, it means I can drink all day..sleep all night...take a few pills to wakeup and then work. & Is it ok if I am in Riviera Beach during working hours?

Well..let me know..when do I start and do I get a Master Card or Visa (or both).


Mike M ~

Sounds promising right? Funny guy, might just fit in with us perfectly. Well I call this fucker. Leave a message. Send an email. Nothing. Never calls back. Never writes back. And here's the greatest part. Jesse and me were playing Gears of War at the office; we took a break so I could call this dude. I mean, what the hell, this has to be a freaking dream job. But no one wants to do it.

A few potential interns were nice enough to come by. Say they were interested and then change their minds and tell us they weren't interested. That is at least admirable. Unlike a few friends of mine that were going to work part time here. They just didn't bother showing up at all. Wouldn't answer their phones. Nothing. They are officially off my Christmas list.

For now, we'll keep looking for more interns. If you live in the Palm Beach County area, and would love to learn about the internet, video production, programming, photoshop and a whole slew of other shit, email me.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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