My First Trip To The Big Apple

on 12.21.2006

Two weeks ago my buddy Dave called me up and said, "Yo, I'm going to New York City for a few days, you wanna go?" It was a hard decision, but after he said the room was paid for, and the flights are only $200, I couldn't resist. Half an hour later, I was booked and ready to roll. I have never been to NYC before and didn't really have any fucking interest in going, since most of the people I meet here in South Florida that are from New York are a bunch of jerks. Why in the fuck would I want to go to the heart of Jerkville?

Literally, I booked my flights on Thursday and flew out the next Tuesday. Since Dave already had the apartment for the week, all I had to do was roll in there like the Count of Monte Cristo. We stayed in Mid-town Manhattan, on 53rd and 8th for those who are interested. The hotel room was actually an 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment, and it was sweet.

For staying, mid-town was oků.i got kind of boring after midnight around there. We learned that the first night. We actually closed down the bars after a horrible attempt at a pub-crawl (we made it to 5 bars), such a weak pub-crawl. Mid-town does have some pretty badass restaurants and pizza joints. Like Ruth Chris's Steak house, this fucking place is where they put butter on your steak before they cook it! Woo hoo!

Our trip ended up being like a Seinfeld episode, a whole bunch to do about nothing. We honestly were busy/gone from the apartment just about 18 hours a day. Yet I fail to recollect what the fuck we did during those days. We seen three accidents, one bus got stuck in a side street (pics below), and one biker got fucking nailed by a deliver truck. What's up with the delivery trucks and delivery people fucking delivering 24 hours a day, non-stop?

Walking is not the best mode of transportation, that's for sure. On Wednesday, we hit Wall Street (pics below) we hit China Town. Holy shit! Every fucking street looks the same. Believe it or not, I can't read Chinese, Vietnamese or even Japanese, so I have no clue what the fuck we were looking at. But every street had at least 10 markets, and then 5 tourist traps and a few restaurants mixed in. Not too many bars there though. From China Town we ended up in Little Italy. Then back to China Town, and I think we finally hit Soho. Yes we were kinda lost. Well kinda is a nice word, we were really lost.

Eating was a good time in NYC. I think I could have easy have gained 30 pounds being there. From me and Dave splitting 3 deli-sandwiches, to huge pieces of pizza, to the greatest steak ever, with butter on each side food seems like it's what it's all about there. I just wished we didn't eat so much before we went to China town; I really wanted to eat a whole bunch there too! Nothing, and I mean nothing is the better desert than going to a strip club. We had plenty of desert that's for sure!

One thing that we did see that really took me back was the World Trade Center site. Wow, to see how massive it is, really puts things into perspective. I never realized just how big the World Trade Towers were, pictures really couldn't do that place justice. It's almost unfathomable of what happened on 9/11/2001. Very surreal in a sense. I am very glad that they are going to rebuild.

Aight kids, I'm outta here for now. Here's some pictures from out trip to the Big Apple.

Did a peep ever hurt?

They have a whole bar devoted to tossing salads!!!

Stuck ass bus. They were there for a few hours too!

We had dinner here one night, after we took this picture, we realized this is where we had to meet our friends.

I don't know what this means...

Me and Dave make friends

Wall Street

We found this puddle really interesting. Is it shit? Chocolate Milk? No one knows for sure.

Straight Gangsta

World Trade Center

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